#OverIt2014: Fox News Creates Hashtag, Doesn’t Go Down Well


On Tuesday, the Twitter account for  Fox & Friends created a hashtag asking what others are “over,” and Elizabeth Hasselbeck kicked it off with the following image portraying her as a persecuted Christian..

By the way, I live in the South and there’s a Christian church on every block.

At any rate, the hashtag worked as well as you’d expect.


The hashtag wasn’t taken seriously. Surprised?

Fox’s Neal Boortz is over reality. In 2015, he’s going to go totally fact-free, which will be how he lived in 2014.

Personally, I’m not over Fox News because I was never into that network to begin with. But, I am tired of Republicans following them in lockstep. That network has made an ungodly (pun intended) amount of money intentionally circulating lies.

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