Oy Vey: Trump’s Hypocrisy On Timing Of Hanukkah Celebration Is Anything But Kosher (TWEETS)


After doing a mitzve for Jews everywhere by telling the world where Israel’s capitol really is two days ago, Goy Boy in Chief Donnie “The Noodge” Trump had the chutzpah yesterday to celebrate Hanukkah five days early so as to work around his busy upcoming vacation at Mar-a-Lago, aka the “Winter White House,” where apparently the U. S. capitol is now.

Funny thing: he mocked the last echte president, Barack Obama, for doing the same thing:

Ha! Bubbeleh can’t spell “Hanukkah.” Schande! This wilde chaya, after schtupping the Palestinians, most Muslims, and almost all of our allies, now extends his golf outing record to another unprecedented and Obama-beating high.

This is the same schmuck who “brought back” Christmas by officially banishing the phrase “Happy Holidays,” which includes Hanukkah.

Watch if you can:

Oy vey!

It seems the White House had the kishkes to invite only Republican congressional members and Jewish leaders sympathetic to the Golden Goy; no Democrats, even the following members of the Hebrew mishpocha, allowed:

  • Richard Blumenthal
  • Al Franken
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Chuck Schumer
  • Dianne Feinstein
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz

This nudnik finds naches in giving tsuris to and making schnooks of us all, especially his farkakte base.

Who among us, given half a chance, would like to punch this schlubby meshuggener in the punim or kick him in the tuchas?

What mazel that would be.

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