Palin And Trump Whine Over ‘Gotcha Questions’ After Donald The Christian Can’t Name A Bible Verse


After taking to her Facebook page to rage against Bible ‘gotcha’ questions in reference to Donald Trump recently failing to name his favorite Bible verse, half term Governor of Alaska interviewed the Republican Presidential candidate on ‘On Point.’











Palin and Trump spent a good portion of the interview ranting against unfair questions from the media.

While saying that the media isn’t asking ‘what’s important,’ Sarah Palin went on to rant against Trump being asked to name his favorite Bible verse.

Sarah thinks the question wasn’t fair and said that Hillary Clinton isn’t asked the same thing.

“Do they ask Hilary that? What does it have to do with running for the office of the presidency? Is it anybody’s business?’” Palin said. “These personal ‘gotcha’ questions, really trying to get you us, anybody running for office off game. How are you finding that, and finding a technique to put them in their place so that the American public isn’t wasting their time and actually get to hear what’s important via candidates’ message?”

Watch, uploaded by One America News Network:

“I love the Bible, and I’m Protestant, I’m Presbyterian,” Donald The Christian said. “And they were hitting me with different questions, one right after the other. I don’t know if it’s ‘gotcha questions,’ it probably is. And then they said, ‘What’s your favorite verse?’ You know, that’s a very personal thing. I don’t like giving that out to people that you hardly know. Frankly, I don’t know if they’re fair questions, or not fair questions, but there are certain things that you, myself and a lot of other people like to personal.”

It should be noted that Conservatives flock to evangelicals for support whereas Democrats do not.  Clinton is a lifelong Methodist and has recently quoted scripture, whereas The Donald can’t name one verse. In addition, the church he named as his own denies that he’s an active member.

On Facebook, our girl Sarah asks in reference to The Donald’s alleged faith, What the heck does it have to do with serving as commander-in-chief” even though she once favorited a tweet suggesting that President Obama is a Muslim.

A couple of ironic comments under Sarah’s Facebook page by Trump supporters who think it was an unfair question:





No Linda, it’s not funny. Obama is a Christian. Try paying attention and he’s quoted scripture from the Bible.





Last year, hosts of Fox and Friends challenged President Obama to a ‘scripture showdown.’ But when Obama did quote lines in the Bible, a Fox host called it ‘repugnant.’

Implying that Obama, who is a Christian, is actually a secret-Muslim has been a constant theme with Conservatives. Lest we forget: Trump thinks Obama is from Kenya. Donald has said that Obama’s for reals birth certificate might say “he’s a Muslim”.

Oooo that lamestream librul media!

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