Paranoid Roy Moore Heckled During Bizarre Campaign Event At A Baptist Church


During a campaign event at Magnolia Springs Baptist Church near Mobile, Alabama last night, moral scold and US Senate candidate Roy Moore was just hitting his stride when an unnamed man interrupted.

After Moore claimed that people angry about drug cases he prosecuted in the late 1970s and early 80s were “the heart of this conspiracy” to frame him as a child molester, a man in the audience yelled: “The entire town? Are all the girls lying?”

Nine women have come forward with detailed allegations of sexual misconduct by Moore. Eight of them were teenagers during the time he was an assistant district attorney in his thirties. A ninth says she was an adult in 1991 when Moore groped her in his law office. Gadsden residents have said Moore was banned from the local mall for his behavior towards teenage girls. A retired police officer and a former co-worker has said his proclivities were “common knowledge.”

Moore has maintained the stories are a conspiracy against him and made empty threats to sue everyone involved.

After the heckler was removed from the crowd, he told CNN “someone needed to stand up for the girls.”

Moore’s host, Rev. David Gonnella, denounced the man as “a plant” and tried to cover the campaign event in a cloak of sanctity. “I would remind everyone again that this is a worship service,” Gonnella said. “And by the way, it is illegal to disturb a worship service. The next one to disturb the service will be turned over to the police.”

Thursday is not a traditional church night in Alabama.

The incident was not caught on camera because Gonnella had asked the press producers on hand “not to show any images of the sanctuary or the people attending the event because he feared a possible attack from the terror group al Qaeda,” CNN reports.

Moore’s speech reflected a similar level of paranoia as he described the supposed conspiracy to keep him out of the Senate.

“Who are they? The liberals. They don’t want conservative values,” Moore said. “They are the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender who want to change our culture. They are socialists who want to change our way of life. Putting man above God. And the government is our god. They are the Washington establishment … They want to keep everything the same so they don’t lose their position, power and prestige.”

Moore wailed that the accusations have saddened his family. “It hurts them to think and see what I’ve been charged with,” he whined.

Moore’s son Caleb, who works for his Foundation for Moral Law, has quite a petty criminal career. Recently arrested for the ninth time, Caleb maintains that he is also the victim of a conspiracy against his father.

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In further remarks, Roy Moore complained that federal judges are “putting themselves above the Constitution” by striking down Alabama laws which violate it. Moore has been removed from the state supreme court twice for defying federal courts and the supremacy clause of the Constitution.

As the event wrapped up, Moore left without taking any questions from reporters. He has been ducking questions ever since the Washington Post first reported on allegations of his misconduct two weeks ago.

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