Parkland Students Take DeVos To The Woodshed On Twitter, Expose Photo-Op


The Dolores Umbridge of the Trump administration made her required appearance today at the Parkland Florida school where 17 people lost their lives weeks ago on Valentine’s Day. Not unlike President Trump’s interaction with victims, Betsy DeVos wasn’t there to answer questions or quell fears of students traumatized by a mass shooting — she was there for a photo-op.

According to reports from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students, DeVos’ visit was only 90 minutes, closed to the press, and not even students were allowed to ask the education secretary any questions. In a press conference held directly after the visit, DeVos claimed that she met with some educators and a few members of the school newspaper, then ended the presser abruptly after only five questions. Students not only tweeted what actually happened, but made their opinion on her exploiting the tragedy that occurred within the hallways of their school quite clear on Twitter.

Once again, the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High are getting the facts right and aren’t afraid to express their disdain for DeVos’ visit.

They know they are being used as props by the Trump administration while they are continually attacked by right-wing news media pundits. They know that Republican “leaders” will continue to refuse to act on anything that even resembles gun control. They know that the NRA will continue to pump out violent propaganda videos calling for violence against journalists and liberals while padding the pockets of Republican senators and representatives.

They know this will happen again, but are willing to fight like hell to keep another student from watching a classmate or teacher be shot to death in a school. They are our future, and Betsy DeVos can stick both her photo-op and her thoughts and prayers where the sun doesn’t shine.

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