Pat Boone: Obama Will ‘Release All Murderers’ From Prison


Musician and conservative activist Pat Boone penned a column on the conspiracy site WorldNetDaily today titled “Obama’s Willie Horton plan: Release all murderers,” in which he criticizes President Obama’s goal of closing the Guantanamo Bay detention facility.

Boone claims that Obama, the “mad conductor” wants to release all murderers from prison in order to create a “a virtual socialist, if not outright communist, society.”

Right Wing Watch reports:

Likening Obama’s plan to the Massachusetts furlough program that critics said was responsible for Horton’s crime spree, Boone said Obama might begin “emptying and shutting down all our prisons and just let all the offenders be released back into society.”

“He and his administration are already doing that – deporting criminal illegal aliens, and then allowing them to come right back in to commit more crimes,” Boone added, wondering if the Obama administration’s policies will lead to “a mass invasion by illegal aliens, including near certain terrorists with plans for future 9/11 style attacks in our own cities?”

“What’s it going to take, America, for us collectively to wake up and see the obvious – that we’re being taken off the rails by a mad conductor?,” Boone asks.

Naturally, WorldNetDaily readers (it’s a DoNotLink) are buying what Boone is selling so they’re saying shit like this:


In June of 2014, Pat Boone announced that the President’s birth certificate will be proven fake by September. And that declaration wasn’t true either.

Last June while discussing his upcoming September announcement (which never happened) of Obama’s real birthplace, he told Alan Colmes, “For instance, just as an example, what if he was born in Mombasa? To a woman who could not get on the plane because she was too close to birth and after she delivered the baby she came to Honolulu because she wanted him to be known as an American citizen. What if her mother was working in the documents department?”

OK Pat. What if, for instance, just as an example, after your mother gave birth, she dropped you on your head? I think my version of events is far more believable.

If you ever run into Mr. Boone while you’re out eating dinner in a restaurant, walk away really slowly and nonchalantly, then when you get closer to the door, run like hell.

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