Pennsylvania Trump Supporter Won’t Vote Because Trump Says The Election Is Rigged (VIDEO)


Donald Trump’s ‘rigged election’ rhetoric may be backfiring. A Pennsylvania Trump supporter, one of those real genius types, agrees with Donald and told MSNBC’s Jacob Soboroff that he’s not going to bother voting in November because the election is rigged.

The New Civil Rights Movement reports:

Research shows when voters believe elections are “rigged” or politicians are “crooked” voters are less motivated, and less likely to vote – because why bother? And Republican lawmakers at the state and local levels have made voting even harder, adding, in some areas, to voter non-participation.

“I’m not going to vote because I think the people are going to get Trump in but it’s not going to go that way,” the Trump supporter told the reporter, adding it “definitely” will be a rigged election. We’re not even sure what that sentence means. We do not speak Turnip.


Earlier this month, the GOP presidential nominee told his crowd of supporters in Panama City, Florida, to vote for him on November 28th. That is the one thing we can agree with Donald on. Normal people can cast their votes on November 8th, though. As for the rural Pennsylvania man, he will sure showed Hillary Clinton a thing or two by not voting. Well done, young man. We support your efforts to stick it to the establishment. Yeah, that’s tellin’ ’em all off!

By the way, Pennsylvania is a battleground state where Clinton is leading Donald in the polls.

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