Pharma-Douche Martin Shkreli Loses His Sh*t With…Ghostface Killah?


Since his splash onto the public scene with hiking up the price of an AIDS/cancer medication by over 5,000%, weaselly little Martin Shkreli has done nothing if not provide theatre of the bizarre for anyone who’ll pay attention. Among his most hilarious antics until a couple of days ago? A beef with Bernie Sanders in which he got shut down.

Undaunted by hilariously getting Bernt and then getting hemmed up due to some shady business practices last month, he is now tempting fate in a different way.

Going back to November 24th, the legendary rappers originally from Staten Island known as the Wu-Tang Clan pulled off an unprecedented record sale: they auctioned off the one and only copy of their latest album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin for $2 million…but to whom you ask? That’s right, the one and only Martin Shkreli.

It didn’t take him long to open up his mouth and try and start beef with the RZA, of whom it’s been said when Wu-Tang came together like Voltron he was the head. Seems Shkreli has aspirations of getting into the hip hop game, which is a plan that might have been hastened by getting tossed out on his ass by the pharmaceutical companies he was running. However, RZA didn’t take the bait and laughed off Shkreli’s feeble attempts to get under his skin. Why would he? He had his share of $2 million in the bank.

Enter the Ghostface Killah, one of the founding members of the Wu-Tang Clan and a guy who doesn’t seem to take any crap. As you can see, he’s never had an issue speaking exactly what is on his mind:

Apparently, Shkreli did not enjoy repeatedly being called a shithead because his response, while seemingly absurd, definitely portrayed a bruised ego. Check it out:

Either he’s the son of Andy Kaufman or this kid has lost his damn mind. Putting together dis videos for TMZ to air his beef with a New York O.G. of rap?

Come on, Martin. Some circles label him as a bad boy C.E.O., but that’s not it. That title is too gracious for this slimeball, it sounds almost cool. He’s not cool at all, just a corny little shit who loves to be hated.

Can’t wait to see what the Ghostface Killah has to say to this. Got my popcorn ready and everything.

Image: Screengrab.

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