Police Forcibly Drag Bloodied Doctor From United Flight Due To Overbooking (VIDEO)


The humanoid overlords at United Airlines seem to be taking their cue from Republicans in Congress: Get what you want, then issue a non-apology if necessary.

Late Sunday night, a crew on a flight from Chicago to Louisville discovered that the plane was overbooked and that four United employees needed to be on it for another flight out of Louisville the next day. They did what you might expect — they asked for volunteers to give up their seats and offered cash and hotel accommodations in return. When nobody volunteered, they upped the ante on the cash. When even that failed, they called the police to remove passengers selected at random. Because, you know, enforcing the wishes of an airline is the cops’ job and everything.

As you can see, the man the police dragged from the plane was bleeding from his mouth. He had identified himself as a doctor who needed to see patients the next morning, but the computer algorithm that chose him for removal apparently didn’t account for reason. He became simply a seat on the airplane.

Somehow, the man who was removed was able to get back on the plane, and appeared disoriented as he ran to the back of the aircraft:

The man was not on the flight when it departed for Louisville.

Only two weeks have passed since United Airlines was embroiled in another disgraceful affair involving the removal of two teen girls wearing leggings from a Denver flight. As with that infamous incident, social media was quick to shame United for their horrible management:


Some users even pointed out United’s hypocrisy, having claimed previously that they had no authority to remove passengers in these cases:

United has finally issued a statement on the debacle:

It appears United Airlines is on track to solve their own overbooking issue.

Featured image via Twitter screencap

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