Police: George Zimmerman Was Armed With A Glock During Shooting Incident


More details are emerging involving George Zimmerman’s latest incident. The man who gunned down unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin, was shot in Lake Mary, Florida.













The shooter claims it was a matter of self defense, and said that Zimmerman waved a gun at him, so he shot him.

Police did not initially say whether George Zimmerman was armed, but now,  they say they’ve recovered a handgun from his possession.

Talking Points Memo reports:

Lake Mary, Florida Police spokeswoman Bianca Gillett said in a news conference that the agency had obtained two search warrants for vehicles involved in the shooting incident.

A search warrant for Zimmerman’s vehicle hadn’t been executed yet, Gillett said, but police did recover a Glock handgun from the former neighborhood watch volunteer. Gillett said Zimmerman legally owned that firearm.

Police searched a vehicle belonging to Matt Apperson, the other man involved in the shooting, Gillett said. They recovered a .40-caliber Glock and a .357 revolver with a single expended shell casing, according to the police spokeswoman.

Attorneys for Apperson and Zimmerman presented conflicting accounts of the shooting incident in Monday interviews with local TV station WFTV. Don West, the attorney for Zimmerman, said that his client did not show, wave or point a gun during the confrontation. But Apperson’s attorney, Mark NeJame, insisted that his client shot at Zimmerman in self-defense.

“A guy right here just said he had to shoot at someone through his window so he wants the police to come,” an unidentified 9-1-1 caller said just after the incident.

According to 9-1-1 dispatch tapes involving a 2014 run-in with Zimmerman, Apperson told a dispatcher he was listening to music in his car while Zimmerman “almost hit my car and he said he would shoot me then.”

“I was in my car, rapping to myself with my windows up. And I looked over, and it’s—George Zimmerman was the driver. And they were threatening to kick my ass and to shoot me.”

Gillett said that police still hadn’t scheduled interviews with Apperson and Zimmerman or determined whether any charges would be filed. There have been no arrests regarding the incident.

Zimmerman has consistently gotten into trouble with the law since his acquittal. This time, he didn’t dodge a bullet.

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