Police Officer Got Some Burger King For Dylann Roof After He Was In Custody


Dylann Roof worked up an appetite after slaughtering nine people in a historic African American church in Charleston, South Carolina.
















The Stranger reports:

The Charlotte Observer reports that a Shelby, North Carolina police officer picked up some fast food for Dylann Roof after he announced that he was hungry. Apparently, the murderer of nine innocent people at the Mother Emanuel church had only eaten a light lunch of Doritos and a drink during his run from authorities, and had failed to think of something for dinner.

If only police were so kind to those who requested to breathe.

We realize that gifting criminals with food is an interrogation technique – the good cop, bad cop routine, but the white supremacist was already cooperative after murdering nine people in order to start a ‘race war.’

If cooperation is law enforcement’s ultimate goal, then releasing Eric Garner from a chokehold after he yelled, “I can’t breath” would have been the way to go.

But Mr. Garner is now dead, as are so many others who were not given the opportunity to offer their cooperation with law enforcement.

John Crawford, an unarmed black man was shot dead by police officers in Walmart. Tamir Rice, 12, shot dead by a police officer within seconds of arriving on the scene.

The list is long. it’s been noted on social media how Roof was handled with kid gloves during his arrest, while unarmed black men who posed no threat (see: Eric Garner, who was selling loose cigarettes) are shot down in cold blood by the police.

Naturally, Conservatives set up GoFundMe pages for some of the officers complicit in such violent acts.

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