Poll: Impeaching Trump Is America’s Favorite Solution


Most people in a new survey said the best response to Donald Trump’s actions while president would be to impeach him or otherwise remove him from office. Harvard University’s Center for American Political Studies and research marketing firm Harris Insights and Analytics this week published the results of their monthly national poll, in which respondents were…


  1. The truth is that short of assassination (and no one here is calling for that) removing a President from office requires time til the next election or impeachment. And impeachment, like treason is a large complex process that requires the the cooperation of an administration that has a vested interest in keeping Trump in office and is unlikely to happen.

    In the meantime, Dems and further left progressives seem incapable of uniting and forming an action plan in front of the 2018 mid-term elections. Our failure to get our shit together is going to cost us a 2nd Trump term – and I am dead ass serious, we are in the fall of 2017 and our best platform is “we aren’t Trump”, seriously people?

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