Poll Of Latino Voters Shows The Republicans Party Is F*cked


A new poll suggested that Latino voters are the answer to keeping Republicans out of the White House in November. The poll discovered that to win the presidency, any Republican nominee would need at least 40% of the Latino vote in many states. This feat could become insurmountable for Donald Trump as his campaign is built upon deporting over 11.3 million people.

The recent poll released on Thursday by America’s Voice and Latinos Decisions found that 87% of Latino voters are ready to cast their ballot against The Donald. Also, 80% of those voters were upset that Trump would deport 11.3 million people, especially since the process is not economically feasible.

Some of those voters are even ready to take down Cruz come November if the Texas Senator receives the nomination. Nearly 52% of Latino voters were dissatisfied with Cruz’s agenda and are ready to vote against him.

The difference in votes between Donald Trump and Cruz is surprising, especially since Trump once said he’d let the “really good” immigrants back into the country.  Cruz once claimed he’d send federal authorities out to find undocumented immigrants and the deport them without a chance for legal re-entry. Cruz also suggested patrolling neighborhoods to search for undocumented immigrants.

Immigration reform topped the list by Latino voters as an important concern.

Dr. Sylvia Manzano, the principal at Latino Decisions has said:

“tends to spike to first when the community feels under attack or when there’s a policy issue that’s on the table that’s being debated by Congress or opposed to for a vote. Given the current climate, it’s not a surprise that it ranked first”

Answers to an open-ended question about anti-immigration suggested that Latino voters are ready to fight back against Donald Trump because of his sickening message.

The longer Donald Trump continues his xenophobic rhetoric, the more support it bleeds from Latino voters. The support that bleeds out, the less likely both Cruz and Trump chances are of being in the whitehouse. So for Democratic candidates, it’s a waiting game until his support is gone.

Image: Brian Howell via Flickr.

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