POLL: Trump Earns An ‘F’ In Presidenting


Donald Trump now holds the title of presidential flunkie. And he earned it in just his first two months in office.

According to a new McClatchy-Marist poll, Trump got a grade of ‘F’ from 1 in 3 voters; many of whom attributed their disapproval more to “Trump’s personality, including his blunt language on Twitter than his policies.” Fifty-nine percent of voters said Trump’s conduct has embarrassed them, compared to 31 percent who say it makes them proud.

“Every time he speaks . . . it is so negative,” said Whitni Milton, 31, a professional singer from Atlanta who participated in the poll. “I have never seen someone who has riled up so many people.”

Trump received the worse grades across the board, as compared to President Barack Obama who got a ‘B’ from the same number of people polled as he approached his 100th day in office.

From reneging on campaign promises to an ever-going list of administration scandals, I guess Trump is winning at one thing: Being America’s worst leader.

Just 38 percent of registered voters approved of the job Trump’s record, to date, compared with 51 percent who disapproved. Three percentage points down since mid-February, the number is way lower than previous presidents during the same time period.

Nearly 6 in 10 voters — 59 percent — said Trump’s conduct as president embarrassed them, according to the poll. Only 31 percent said his conduct made them proud, while 9 percent were unsure.

Even more — 70 percent, including 45 percent of Republicans and three-quarters of independents — found Trump’s regular use of Twitter reckless and distracting. Only 19 percent said it was effective and informative, while 11 percent were unsure.

Sixty percent of voters said they did not trust Trump and his administration to deliver accurate and factual information to the public, either at all or not very much.

“When did it become acceptable to lie?” asked Steven Vereen, 52, a self-employed river logger from Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. “I can’t understand how we elected him.”

Bottom line is that Trump’s “Art of the Deal” presidency lacks art and there is no deal.

The majority of all those grandiose “Day One” promises he made during the election are utter failures, from repealing and replacing Obamacare with “something terrific” and locking up his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton to imposing his immigration travel ban, which the courts have declared unconstitutional. Sure, he still plans to “build that wall,” but Mexico is not paying it for it — we are, the U.S. taxpayers.

Adam Marquart, 26, said he’d given Trump an F — and wanted to give him an F minus — for not telling the truth, including his failure to replace the Affordable Care Act.

“He said he can do all this stuff that he can’t freaking do,” he said. “We should not have a celebrity be a president or a politician.”

Question: Who would have thought that Donald Trump would become the least popular president in less than 100 days ever.

Answer: The tens of millions of citizens who didn’t vote for him.

And now, even his own voters say so.

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