Public School Forces Girls To Attend Abstinence Education Event, Parents Are OUTRAGED (VIDEO)

Parents are in an uproar after teenage girls at a PUBLIC high school were forced to attend a slut-shaming, Christian, abstinence-only education event.
Featured image: Video screengrab/Brad Henning via YouTube.

Parents are in an uproar after teenage girls at a PUBLIC high school were forced to attend a slut-shaming assembly with a Christian abstinence-only sex education speaker.

In early October, the Payson Roundup reported Payson High School set up an assembly on “relationships” with  Brad Henning, a notorious Christian abstinence-only sex education “expert.” The 350 girls were told the assembly on “relationships” was mandatory. Meanwhile, the boys were only invited to attend a voluntary after-school session on “dating.” As Payson Roundup‘s Michele Nelson points out:

‘And with date rape and sexual assault an ongoing problem, should a speaker warn girls that boys can’t control their sexual urges while giving boys humorous tips on getting a second date?’

Payson High School parents also expressed concern about the “lopsided message” this presents. After all, why should teenage girls be held solely responsible for teenage boys’ sexual behavior?

One of the parents, Laurel Wala, fumed:

“I was very disappointed to hear that there is a second assembly on relationships this afternoon that is mandatory for girls, but that the boys have an optional assembly after school. This sends a dual message that: It is acceptable for girls to miss their normal classes, but not the boys and that girls have more responsibility for whether a relationship is ‘good’ than boys.”

When you go to his website, you won’t find the words “Christian” or “abstinence-only sex education” anywhere…But that’s just because these Christian extremists are getting sneakier about disguising their true agenda as they infiltrate our nation’s public schools on the taxpayers’ dime.

Salient points from Brad Henning’s abstinence-only sex education event included:

  • “Girls” should watch how they dress and act so they don’t actually turn a” guy” on and unleash his “God-given sexual urges.” Henning often refers to females as “girls” and males as “guys.”
  • “Guys” have high sex drives so the human species won’t die out, but “girls” play yin to their yang with lower sex drives so we don’t overpopulate the planet.
  • When “girls” feel unattractive, they wear sexy clothes to get more attention from “guys.”
  • “The ‘girl’ stands in the mirror and decides, ‘OK, this is war’ and she puts on spaghetti straps and mini skirts,” Henning declared.  He then rhetorically asked these “girls” what they want “guys” to look at? Their eyes?
  • Henning reiterates that “guys” can’t control their voracious sexual appetites and need “girls” to help them by not ever doing anything that might cause stirrings.

It reminds me of an older friend of mine who went to a Catholic school back in the 1950’s when Christian abstinence-only sex education consisted of:

“Never wear red. It excites the boys.”

At the dating seminar for boys, Brad Henning took an entirely different tone, as he practically offered the “girls” up to them.

“Out of 350 girls in this auditorium, guess how many were dating? Forty-one. So, guys, any guy want a date tonight?”

He then proceeded to give tips on asking “girls” out, what to do on a date, how to talk on a date, and how to get a second date. Luckily, only 25 “guys” showed up.

Watch: Brad Henning slut-shames high school girls in abstinence-only sex education assembly.

This isn’t the girls-only lecture Brad Henning gave at Payson High School, and this promotional video seeks to show his lessons in the best possible light. But if you watch closely, you’ll see that the goal is clearly abstinence-only sex education. These programs are proven not to work, and President Barack Obama moved to eliminate federal grants for these programs earlier this year.

Featured image: Video screengrab/Brad Henning via YouTube.

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