Racist Assh*le Arrested Wearing Gorilla Mask, Taunting BLM Protesters With Bananas (VIDEO)


If you want to convince people you are a racist, perhaps the best way is to show up to a legal Black Lives Matter protest wearing a gorilla mask and toting a banana and a confederate flag emblazoned gunny sack.


A very racist, very stupid asshole decided that he was going to do just that at East Tennessee University. Tristan Rettke, bigot extraordinaire, is a student there (for now) and is facing Civil Rights intimidation charges for his premeditated stunt.

According to campus police, after being read his rights Rettke told officers that a couple of days earlier he had seen on social media that there would be a Black Lives Matter event in the “free speech” area of Borchuck Plaza on the Johnson City, Tenn., campus. He said he went to a store Tuesday to buy rope to tie to a bunch of bananas. While there he also bought the mask and brought it all to the event on Wednesday.

Perhaps the most moving thing to come of this is the narration of the event by one of the protesters. Shaking with anger, yet knowing that you can not do anything to a person like Rettke, at least not without making yourself a victim twice.

From Twitter:


Wearing overalls, barefoot, and claiming that he “identifies as a gorilla” (a thin joke obviously attacking sexual and gender orientation along with race) the white man danced about like an idiot. He was obviously trying to draw the protesters into a confrontation. Despite his ridicule, his antics, and his lack of humanity the protesters, to their credit, let the law handle him.

It appeared that as soon as the mask came off, Rettke wasn’t the big-bad jerk he was pretending to be. Like most bullies, once exposed, he seemed “embarrassed.”

It has been said that Racism is dead in America. Thankfully, people like Rettke are around to make sure that we can see it clear as day.

Meet Rettke, exposed:

This stunt was nothing more than another symptom of the vile bigotry surfacing more and more in the US today. Welcome to Trump’s America, folks.


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