Racist Trump Supporters Are Going NUTS Over ‘N****r’ Oprah Winfrey’s Possible Presidential Run


Oprah hasn’t even confirmed a 2020 presidential run, but rumors are all Trump supporters need to begin their racist assault on a woman who can rightfully be considered a national treasure.

A quick search for certain keywords on Twitter reveal that The Donald’s “not racist” followers are already reminding us what a “n*gger* Oprah is.

One man, Bruce McDonley, wants Americans to remember what “1 N*GGER did in the White House for 8 years,” adding that we should “not put another one in” and adding what appears to be an attempt at a #NOTANOTHERNIGGER hashtag.”

Another wants you to know that “Oprah is a rasist [sic].” He then adds, falsely, that Oprah “only hires white women for maids” and calls them ‘white n*gger’s.’ Use of possessives as plurals is, of course, common among the Stupid Part of America.

Someone replying to right-wing provocateur Paul Joseph Watson informed people that Oprah is a “n*gger hypocrite” and bemoaned having to “share the air” that “scumbags” like her expel.

Hoyle Shaw says that because “n*gger means black” it’s perfectly OK to call Oprah that word as long as she isn’t tirelessly working to force “those other blacks” to stop using the word.

“Stonewall Jackson” here is preemptively defending the inevitable mass use of the word “monkey” to describe Oprah.

But hey, she IS the “best monkey in the barrel,” right?

Most importantly, this conservative posing as a Bernie Sanders supporter wants you to know that “porch monkey” Oprah will lose because “women cannot win presidential races.”

Whether or not Oprah actually runs, we can almost assuredly expect to see more of this.

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Image via Twitter. 

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