REPORT: Melania Is Cucking Donald In His Trump Tower Penthouse


There have been lots of rumors about Melania’s decision to decline the role of First Lady. Her facial expressions on Inauguration Day, the way she slaps his hand away on state visits, and her choice to stay in Manhattan have all led to speculation that their marriage is on the rocks.

But now novelist and playwright Monica Byrne claims to have the explanation. According to her source, Melania has been conducting an affair with the security chief of the Tiffany’s store located at Trump Tower for some time now.

In a series of tweets this week, Byrne admitted that she dislikes Trump, that she is only too happy to hurt his presidency, and that what she has been told is merely hearsay.

Rather than insist everyone should believe her story, however, she asked that mainstream media figures dig into the matter and seek to disprove it or else find corroborating sources — i.e. commit acts of journalism.

That the Trumps’ marriage is in trouble “is kind of obvious already to anyone with eyes,” Byrne says. “I honestly don’t know how newsworthy [the story] is,” Byrne adds, “given that Melania and 45’s marriage is obviously dead to begin with.”

There has been a rash of rumors lately that the couple agreed to divorce after the election, which they expected him to lose, but that Donald’s unexpected Electoral College win has trapped Melania in a loveless marriage. She “looks miserable,” Byrne says. “But this would be a broader illustration of why.”

Of course, under normal circumstances Melania would have some expectation of privacy here. But her continued residency in Trump Tower rather than the White House comes with a hefty price tag charged to the public purse.

As Lovette “Luvvie” Ajayi writes, if Melania is in fact “getting federally-funded side peen” — with or without Donald’s consent — then America deserves to know.

I’m not okay that our good taxes might be paying for Squinty McGirk to have a side floozy. It’s costing us millions a month for her and Barron to ignore Papaya Pol Pot, AND for her to be getting her pipes cleaned by some scruffy dude downstairs. These Trumps get away with murder, treason, infidelity and then they get paid for all of it. Their white privilege is on a hunnid thousand trillion. Let her have melanin and y’all would have her wig hanging in effigy. They get away with all types of clusterfuck behavior.

Indeed, Donald Trump was elected by millions of ravening alt-right deplorables who belittled his Republican opponents as “cucks” — a sexualized insult that defines the coarse “political incorrectness” of Trumpism. If Melania is making an actual cuckold out of Donald, his supporters deserve to know about it — and to have it rubbed in their faces every day until the end of time.

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