Republican Clown Car Stuck in Reverse While Democratic Candidates Look Forward


Not very long ago it was difficult for me to tell Republicans apart from Democrats. In fact, the only positive result I can come up with for the reign of Dick Ch….excuse me, George W. Bush is the polarization of the two parties as a result of their leadership.












After being selected as (P)resident with the help of his brother Jeb in Florida in 2000 by disenfranchising thousands of black voters and again in 2004 with the aid of the CEO of voting machine manufacturer Diebold who promised and delivered Ohio to Dubya, he and his administration did what they could to cut Democrats out of the political process on Capitol Hill.

It took time, but some Democrats have been fighting fire with fire, especially our current President Barack Obama, who has turned maneuvering around obstinate teabaggers into a fine art form.

A current manifestation of this polarization is on full display among candidates this week. First, on Sunday, we have Ben Carson telling America unequivocally on Meet the Press that he believed Muslims had no place in the White House. Since his unambiguous statement, he has awkwardly reeled it back in while also bragging about how much money is being donated to him in the name of his xenophobic comment.

Next we have Jeb Bush himself standing up bravely against multiculturalism, stating that “pockets of isolation” where “the assimilation process is retarded” are becoming a problem. I don’t know if Jeb gets out much, but there have always been neighborhoods and parts of town in every city where people of a certain ethnicity live. This is from a man who wants to re-implement The Bush Doctrine. What would he do, pre-emptively attack each Chinatown in America and force them to open up more fast food restaurants??? Contemporary melting pots are actually deep fryers now, you know.

While Jeb and Ben sound like they took a trip in a Clown Car Time Machine back to 1959, those on the other side of the coin are looking toward a better tomorrow and are sharing their vision with us. Even while being mired down in a ridiculous E-mail “scandal,” Hillary Clinton is addressing astronomical drug costs on a systemic level, proposing there be a maximum monthly rate of $250 people must pay for drugs as well as looking into facilitating the process of drugs becoming generic and therefore cheaper to all parties involved.

And Bernie? All he has to do to look forward to a better tomorrow is just keep being him. The man has vision. If you want something from him though and you haven’t seen it, his live tweet of the most recent Republican debate was brilliant, funny, and on point.

Republicans are once again getting stuck in the stagnant waters of their base, looking for support from the gun-toting, xenophobic, privilege denying, white male God fearing, and woman-hating voters. If they don’t find someone legitimate to take the wheel, the Clown Car is going to drive itself backward off a cliff once again.

Not that I’m complaining.

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