Republicans Urge Donald Trump To Drop Out Of The Race In DEVASTATING Ad (VIDEO)

Republican group runs Anti-Donald Trump ad urging him to drop out of the race.
Photo: Video screengrab from Free the Delegates via YouTube (with downward arrow added).

“Number one, I’m not a masochist,” Donald Trump assured NBC’s Chuck Todd back in October. Todd had just asked the White House hopeful if he’d drop his presidential bid if his poll numbers went down. He continued:

“And if I was dropping in the polls where I saw I wasn’t going to win, why would I continue?”

Donald Trump added:

“If I were doing poorly, if I saw myself going down […] I’d go back to my business.”

Now that Donald Trump’s poll numbers are sagging, some of his fellow Republicans want him to stick to his promise. Or at least what they see as his promise.

A #NeverTrump group called Free the Delegates failed to peel off some of Trump’s delegates at the GOP Convention. But they’re still loaded for bear. Free The Delegates just released a video ad on YouTube that urges Donald Trump to “Keep Your Word” and stop inflicting his presidential run on America’s citizenry.

The ad shows footage from the interview, graphs the Trump campaign’s wretched poll numbers, and then demands:

“Resign the nomination. Let the RNC replace you so we can beat Hillary.”

Politico reports the 30-second spot will begin airing in swing state suburbs in Florida, Virginia, Ohio, and Michigan on Tuesday. There’s just one problem…As Snopes points out, that interview took place in 2015 before the GOP primaries were over. Donald Trump said that if polls showed him losing the GOP presidential nomination, he would drop out and support the winning candidate. He did not promise to drop out of the general election race if polls show him losing to Hillary Clinton.

And even if Donald Trump did drop out of the race, who on earth would the RNC replace him with? None of the other candidates were even able to beat Donald Trump, let alone Hillary Clinton.

Anti-Donald Trump ad urges him to “keep your word” and drop out of the presidential race.

Back in 2015, Donald Trump’s poll numbers were flying high, and he bragged about them constantly.

Now that Mein Trumpf’s losing, you don’t see him talking or tweeting about polls so much.

Except when he accidentally tweeted that one with him losing…Oops!

Featured image: Video screengrab from Free the Delegates via YouTube (with a downward arrow added).

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