Responsible Gun Owner Accidentally Shoots Woman While SHE Was Being Attacked By A Dog


A woman was attacked by a pit bull yesterday. Her neighbor, being a ‘responsible’ gun owner, tried to help by shooting the dog. And that’s where things went awry.

The man was 61-year-old Michael Williams, who says he was outside doing some yard work Monday evening. He heard his neighbor call out “screaming, terrified” and was trying to fend off a dog that was attacking her.

Williams said he was standing between his neighbor and the dog when his firearm discharged, hitting his neighbor, who was identified as Patricia Crosby. Crosby was hit in the hip and later died.

Wayne County Medical Examiner has ruled her death a homicide after determining that the gunshot wound to her flank was the cause of death.

Williams said he isn’t sure how the bullet hit his neighbor because he wasn’t aiming. He also claims that he “he patrols the neighborhood in his car to protect children.” He added:

What’s going through my mind is, I hate I was there and don’t hate I was there. It just hurts when you’re trying to help somebody and then they get hurt, trying to save their life.

After shooting his neighbor, Williams carried her to her home, leaving her on her porch before running off to chase the dog. He fired two shots at the dog, missing with both.

The dog was described as a “beige or tan color pit bull that was mean in temperament.” Williams added:

The dog was like hungry.

The incident remains under investigation. A Detroit police spokeswoman, Jennifer Moreno, stated:

The gentleman who shot the woman is very cooperative and he is not in custody but the investigation is still open and will continue. After it is complete, a warrant packet will be submitted to the prosecutor’s office just like any other case.

Williams doesn’t remember if his neighbor had been bitten by the dog or not. The whole incident seems to have shaken him. He was detained by police for about two hours.

The dog has not been located.

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