Responsible Gun Owner Terrifies Parents And Kids In School Drop-Off Line (VIDEO)


An altercation over speeding in the drop-off line at Deer Park Elementary school threatened to turn deadly Thursday morning when one mom pointed her firearm at another.

“Unfortunately, children were in both of the vehicles involved, and students were present in other nearby vehicles as well,” Principal Lisa McLaughlin wrote in a letter sent home to parents yesterday afternoon. “Conflicts such as the one that took place this morning have no place at our school.”

At our school, teaching students the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in life is our goal and purpose. But we don’t just teach language arts or science or mathematics or fine arts. We also teach children the appropriate way to resolve conflicts. It’s not unusual for there to be disagreements between students at our school, but we always encourage children to seek a peaceful end to the conflict.

Witness Jeanette Renteria tells ABC affiliate KTRK TV that the teachable moment began when one woman “got out of her car, banged on her window, said ‘You’re speeding in a school zone, you almost ran me over once, you need to start doing better.'” Thereafter, “the woman in the car pulls out a gun and says ‘back off.'”

The gun was never fired. Police were called to the scene, but no arrests were made. According to the Houston Chronicle, the Harris County district attorney’s office has declined to pursue the case because the unidentified gun-toting mom “said she was afraid and thought she was being attacked.” You know, like one of those responsible gun owners the NRA is always talking about.

Instead, parents were “on alert” Friday morning, with other responsible gun owners presumably packing heat just in case the school’s gun free zone should suddenly turn into the OK Corral and everybody has to stand their ground all at once.

It is Texas, after all.

“You know, if you’re gonna go up to somebody and mouth off, I mean, you don’t know what people might have in their car,” Renteria told KTRK. “And, with the, you know, concealed-carry licenses and all that stuff nowadays, you don’t know. So, don’t go mouth off to somebody unless you’re ready to see what they’re gonna do.”

Here’s the video from KPRC. Watch:

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