Restraining Order Granted Against Open Carry Activist Planning To Bring Gun To Zoo


The St. Louis Zoo was granted a temporary restraining order against Jeffrey Smith (sometimes spelled Jeffry), the Open Carry activist who planned to bring a gun onto their property Saturday, despite the fact the zoo has signs posted forbidding guns.














Jeff (I can call you Jeff, right?) said last week, “It’s a person’s choice to make whether to carry a gun in there or not.”

Under Missouri law, guns are prohibited in amusement parks, but Jeff (we’re going to go with Jeff) questions if the zoo is actually categorized as one.

KCTV 5 reports:

The zoo filed the paperwork asking the court for a restraining order against Jeffry Smith Friday morning.

Smith told News 4 he was planning to enter the zoo at 1:30 p.m. Saturday because, he believes, Missouri allows open carry and the zoo is publicly owned.

In the restraining order documents, the zoo says that around May 31 Smith contacted them to question their weapons policy and demand the “no weapons” signs be removed from its entrances. After zoo officials told Smith they would not change their policy, the document states, Smith created a Facebook page announcing a “Firearm Rights Challenge” would take place on June 13.

The document also states the zoo’s gun policy is “consistent with the laws of the State of Missouri, St. Louis Zoo’s mission and the family-friendly environment it seeks to promote.

The police chief pretty much thinks Jeff is an idiot and we cannot imagine why.

Watch courtesy of KCTV 5:


As reported here, last April, Open Carry activists marched on the Ohio State university campus to ‘educate’ kids attending school there. When a man named John informed the group that children as young as 5-years-old will be attending dance classes nearby, and politely requested that those participating leave their weapons in their vehicles until right before the walk, Jeffry (that’s Jeff) Smith declined.

He said, “If children are scared, then it is because they’ve been socialized to be so.”

Children are socialized not to talk to strangers, so Jeff would probably approach them in the creepy hours of the eventing. “Wanna see mah gun?”

Seriously Jeff, it’s a zoo. Children will be there with their Moms and Dads.It’s family time, not gun humper happy hour. If you’re afraid a bear will jump out and get ya’, then don’t go to the zoo.

It’s not like we wish Jeff suffers a death by a thousand cuts because that would be wrong. We just wish he’d go away and not breed.

With rights comes responsibility and Jeff is doing it wrong.

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