Retired Fighter Pilot’s Ad For Kentucky Race Is Simply WOW! (VIDEO)


Retired Lt. Col. Amy McGrath will be running against Republican Andy Barr in the Congressional race for Kentucky’s 6th district, and her intro ad for the campaign is simply wow!


While they say Democrats have a slim chance winning elections in red states, I wouldn’t bet against Amy.

When Amy was 12-years-old, she wanted to fly fighter jets and land in aircraft carriers because that was the toughest flying one could do.

When she was 13, her congressmen told her she couldn’t fly in combat because women were meant to be protected.

Women are meant to be protected. Source:

Amy chose to not give up and wrote to every member of the Senate, House and Armed Services communities, asking them to change the rule. They told her she couldn’t do it, but she refused to give up. She replied that they haven’t met her yet.

She was persistent and eventually entered the Naval Academy.

In her 20-year-long career as a US Marine, she served 89 combat missions which included bombing the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. She the first female Marine to fly an F18 in combat. And yes, she got to land planes on aircraft carriers (her childhood wish).

Andy Barr, Amy’s opponent wants to take healthcare away from over a quarter million Kentuckians and she wants to stop him.

Her mother is a polio survivor who graduated from UK Medical School, thus making the cause personal for her. Her mother was discouraged by people as well, but she ended up treating many with the same illness.Amy McGrath's mother. Source: Youtube

The veteran said that she wants to rid the Congress of career politicians who treat people like they are disposable.

While everyone is telling Amy that a Democrat can’t win that election, she accepts the challenge with confidence.

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