‘Ridiculous Questions’: Huckabee Sanders Tries To Explain Why Trump Was Slurring His Speech (VIDEO)


By the end of Donald Trump’s big speech on Israel Wednesday, he started slurring his words and many people speculated that his teeth were trying to escape from his mouth. Others wondered if he was suffering from a minor stroke, and others thought he was high AF.

When asked about that Thursday, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called them “ridiculous questions.”

Sanders said that Trump’s throat was dry.

“He does have a physical scheduled for the first part of next year,” she continued. “The full physical that presidents go through that take place at Walter Reed, and those records will be released by the doctor following that.”


It’s not a ‘ridiculous question’ after the entire world watched the so-called president appear to be stroking out, or on drugs, or his teeth are trying to escape.

On Thursday, Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota announced his pending resignation in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct before his election and he specifically called out Donald Trump and Alabama Senate candidate and alleged pedophile Roy Moore.

Sanders was asked about that.

“The president addressed the comments back during the campaign,” she said. “We feel strongly that the people of this country also addressed that when they elected Donald Trump to be president.”


Trump has recently tried to question the authenticity of the Access Hollywood tape in which you can hear his voice as he talks casually about sexually assaulting women. But, Billy Bush was there and reconfirmed that it was authentic and said recently that there were seven other people on the bus as well. Donald Trump has been accused by 19 women of sexual misconduct.

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