RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Gets HAMMERED Over Party’s Crazy-Time Nominee (VIDEO)


Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus tried to put lipstick on a pig, err, on his party’s nominee Donald Trump in an NBC interview on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd on Sunday.

Distancing himself as far as he could from Trump’s always-changing positions and campaign strategy, Priebus kinda kept his mouth shut each time Todd posed a tough question about one of Trump’s recent controversies.

“I go with the flow based on what the campaign wants to do,” Priebus told Todd, who asked him about Trump’s choice of Steve Bannon as his new campaign executive.

Bannon was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence, battery and dissuading a witness following an incident in 1996. Although the case was ultimately dismissed, according to a police report and court documents, it’s come to the forefront of controversial discussion now that he’s become CEO of the Trump campaign.


And then Priebus tried to speak for Trump, but failed.

“His position is going to be tough, his position is going to be fair, but his position is going to be humane. He is going to build and complete the border wall that was set in place in 2006 by Congress — it’s going to be paid for,” said Priebus. “I believe that he is going to, when he talks about deportation, he’s going to go after people who are here and are criminals and shouldn’t be here.”

Pressed on who Trump would define as a “criminal,” Priebus said, “Those are the things that Donald Trump is going to answer.”

Priebus ducked another question over whether Trump would continue to call for end birthright citizenship, saying, “You’re going to have to ask him.”

When asked about Trump’s flip-flops on deporting undocumented immigrants, all he could say was this:
“I don’t speak for Donald Trump.”

But he tried anyway, saying that “as you get closer to the White House, a degree of humanity and decency is part of every decision that needs to be made. You’re going to find out from Donald Trump very shortly. He’s going to be giving prepared remarks on this issue I think very soon.”

Soon, huh? Well isn’t that nice. More than 52 weeks after announcing he’d deport 11 or so million illegal immigrants, Trump’s been hardening and softening and hardening his immigration stance time and again. He recently polled a town hall audience over what his policy should be and followed that another day saying he’d “swiftly” remove criminal illegal immigrants on Day 1 of his presidency at another rally.

But now Trump’s finally scheduled to give a speech clarifying his position this week. TRANSLATION: Trump will tell his voters what he meant to say back then and what he means to mean to say today.

It’s worth noting that at the very same time Priebus was describing Trump’s immigration stance, Trump’s running mate, Gov. Mike Pence, was telling CNN’s State of the Union Sunday that Trump has been “absolutely consistent” in his position.

Which is it, guys? Clear or unclear? Changing or consistent? Choose one. I’ll wait.

Pence continued, “There will be no path to legalization, no path to citizenship. People who want to gain legal status — you heard Donald Trump say again and again — will have to leave this country.”

Back on NBC, Priebus couldn’t tell Todd what Trump was thinking about many of the issues, but he did say this:”I know what he’s thinking about a lot of these issues, and this is a good and decent man,” Priebus said. Later, he added, “I know where his heart’s at.”

I can’t even…

Either you know what he’s thinking and can speak for him, or you can’t, Reince. Oh, and about Trump’s “heart.” We haven’t seen it beat a bit. Not one bit of empathy or sympathy at any time, for anyone, anywhere. All we’ve seen Trump say or tweet or feel on any issue, incident or tragedy is a “me me me me” type of response.

So after wasting my time watching the interview between the RNC chairman and Chuck Todd, all I can say once more is this: When you remove the vowels from the name of Reince Priebus, all you’re left with is RNC PR BS.

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