Rolling Back Regulations Seemed Like Such A Good Idea To Trump At The Time (VIDEO)

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As the flooding and resultant damage in Texas continues to get worse, it is causing the Trump administration to rethink some of the regulations they’ve been rolling back in rapid succession. The one currently in the spotlight is the August 15 roll back of the Federal Flood Risk Mitigation Standard. From

The 2015 directive, which never fully went into effect, required public infrastructure projects that received taxpayer dollars to do more planning for floods, including elevating their structures to avoid future water damage and alleviate the burden on taxpayers.

While the roll back would not have made a difference in the amount of damage caused by Hurricane Harvey, it does affect the future and the rebuilding from the massive floods experienced in Texas. From Eli Lehrer, in an op-ed published on RStreet:

These standards were intended to ensure that federally-funded schools, hospitals, and water-treatment plants are built with a higher margin of safety against flooding, or not built at all where the risk is simply too great.

In his attempt to abolish all things Obama, Trump has abolished something that was designed to use federal tax dollars more wisely and that would ensure lesser damage from flooding in the event of future natural disasters.


The Trump administration is now having second thoughts. They’re not quite sure that removing everything that President Obama put in place was such a great idea. There’s petty, and there’s ridiculous.

Trump and his GOP cronies have been so busy trying to remove Obama’s legacy from the history books that they haven’t bothered to study WHY Obama enacted certain policies. Their single thought seems to be ‘If it was supported by that black guy we want it gone.’ That singular mentality is going to cost the nation dearly and we are only just beginning to see the effects of their wanton pettiness.

Now if only we could get them to start believing in climate change.

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  1. Tejas prides itself on “self relience” and I am sure they will rebuild on their own, just as soon as they get $100 bilion from the rest of us.

    We go through this shit everytime with these people. They always claim they can help themselves until it becomes time for them to help themselves.

      • It was strange how that succession movement started just two weeks after the election of President Barack ‘Hussain ‘ Obama.

        • I bet those idiots who started that thought they would be able to keep the military bases and other federal facilities. Not that it ever had a ghost of a chance in the first place.

      • Libertarians (the I Got Mine – Screw You Party) are like the most hypocritical Repubs operating under playground rules – he who has the ball makes up the rules.

    • Repubs and Texans (a LOT of overlap there) both are self-reliant in as much as they claim they believe in it. They think THEY get help and it just sustains their self-reliance. You, on the other hand, just become dependent on gubmint handouts, you “moocher” and “taker” you!

  2. nmp’s pathetic attempts to blot out the Obama presidency has been an epic failure so far, and will continue to be so as long as that is all he cares about, along with making money off the presidency. His policies are nothing other than undoing whatever Obama did, with no consideration of whether the said policy is good or not, or if it’s working as intended.

    Future historians will point to the Trump presidency as a cautionary tale, not as an inspirational tale. It will be a cautionary tale of not granting power to a spoiled brat.

  3. Rolling back regs, seemed like such a good idea to Trump,
    somewhat akin to turning your toilet into a planter,–
    but it looked so pretty

  4. The conservative and the idiot (not mutually exclusive) claim that gubmint is the problem. Those same sons-o’-bitches are also the first in “gimme money” line when they need it, rely on gubmint to restrict things they don’t like (like women, minorities, anti-discrimination laws and programs, science, diversity, equality, unions, activists and protests, Democrats, free and fair markets, Islam, disapproval of Israel’s apartheid state, liberals, George Soros, imaginary left-wing domestic terrorists, renewable energy, the environment…) plus they are more than happy to earn their living being a paid part of that evil gubmint.

    The GOP – The Big Tent of Hypocrites Party.

  5. “Now if only we could get them to start believing in climate change.” — Sorry, most of us are educated enough to not believe that man can change the temperature of the earth any significant amount, but you’re welcome to keep trying to reduce our impact at YOUR expense… Please leave me out of it…

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