Roy Moore Finds A Safe Space To Bluff, Threaten His Accusers With Lawsuits


The above picture shows the entire press gaggle that turned up for Roy Moore yesterday. Among others, Brian Lyman of the Montgomery Advertiser declined to attend because the US Senate candidate declines to take questions.

Desperate for a friendly interlocutor who could reach voters across the state, Moore turned to Scott Beason. Best known outside Alabama for his FBI wiretap reference to black casino customers as “aborigines,” Beason is also the former legislator who rammed the state’s infamous 2011 immigration bill through the state senate.

A federal court later ruled Beason’s culture war unconstitutional. That’s why the radio talker shares a common ideological enemy with fellow demagogue Roy Moore, who was removed from the state supreme court twice for defying federal courts.

“Do you plan to pursue any legal action with defamation against any of these people — the Washington Post or anybody, regardless?” Beason asked, referring to the nine women who have come forward with allegations of inappropriate sexual interest from Moore. “Because some people think that shows that you’re serious about proving your innocence.”

“We are,” Moore bluffed. “We’re talking about The Washington Post. We’re talking about the women involved. You know, it takes time to develop a case, and file a case, because you just don’t go file a case without some proof.”

Moore has maintained that charges against him are a conspiracy by news organizations and his political enemies in both parties. Last week, he began threatening outlets which report on his years as an assistant district attorney and alleged molester of teenage girls. A lawyer who works with his Foundation for Moral Law then sent a hilarious ‘cease and desist‘ letter to both and the Washington Post.

But this was the first time Moore had extended those threats to the women who have alleged he groped, assaulted, molested, or dated them as teens.

“And we’re getting proof,” Moore claimed to Beason. “We’re getting things. In fact, today we had a conference, a press conference, where a lot of this was brought out.”

Michelle Mark, who attended that presser for Business Insider, called it “bizarre.”

Campaign strategist Dean Young ranted that Fox News was broadcasting fake polls showing Democrat Doug Jones with a lead in the race.

Surrogate Stan Cook argued that Beverly Young Nelson should turn her high school yearbook over for scientific examination of Roy Moore’s autograph.

“Allegations are words; they are not facts. Allegations are words; they are not indictments and they are not charges,” Cooke raved according to Mark. “This is an effort by these people — the liberal media, the Republican establishment — to malign the good name of Judge Moore.”

In short, there was no “proof” presented of anything yesterday except how crazy Roy Moore’s supporters feel about him.

“And we’ll continue to do that,” Moore told Scott Beason. Then he hinted darkly that “there are things coming out in the future which I can’t talk about … That’s for investigators.”

This charade of legal threats will end after the special election on December 12. By then, most national and state reporters will be ignoring Roy Moore completely, but he will have wasted all his campaign time refuting stories about his days as a pickup artist in the Gadsden mall.

Here is the audio clip via NBC. Enjoy:

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