Roy Moore Now Has NINE Accusers. He Asked Permission From TWO Of Their Moms


Four more women accused US Senate candidate and moral scold Roy Moore of various improprieties yesterday. As of this morning, nine different women have come forward, and contrary to what Moore claimed last week on Sean Hannity’s radio show, none of them say that he had their mother’s permission beforehand.

Eight say they were in their teens and Moore was an unmarried assistant district attorney in his thirties. But yesterday also saw the first allegation that the anointed apostle of marriage sanctity made unwanted advances after he was god-bound to his wife Kayla, who is fourteen years his junior.

During an appointment at his law office in 1991, Moore “kept commenting on my looks, telling me how pretty I was, how nice I looked,” Tina Johnson told “He was saying that my eyes were beautiful.”

According to Johnson, he asked questions about her young daughters, including what color eyes they had and if they were as pretty as she was. She said that made her feel uncomfortable, too.

[…] At one point during the meeting, she said, Moore came around the desk and sat on the front of it, just inches from her. He was so close, she said, she could smell his breath.

Johnson says she was eager to get out of Moore’s office. But when she began to leave, she says that Moore pawed her buttocks. “He didn’t pinch it; he grabbed it,” she says. Notably, Johnson’s mother was present, but Moore did not ask her permission first.

This was also true for Gena Richardson, an employee at the Sears in the Gadsden mall where Roy cruised for teen pickups. Richardson told the Washington Post yesterday that Moore was not deterred by her refusal:

A few days later, she says, she was in trigonometry class at Gadsden High when she was summoned to the principal’s office over the intercom in her classroom. She had a phone call.

“I said ‘Hello?’” Richardson recalls. “And the male on the other line said, ‘Gena, this is Roy Moore.’ I was like, ‘What?!’ He said, ‘What are you doing?’ I said, ‘I’m in trig class.’ ”

Finally badgered into a creepdate, Moore ended the evening with “an unwanted, ‘forceful’ kiss that left her scared.” At no point did Moore ask Richardson’s mother, much less her Southern Baptist preacher father before calling her at school and sticking his tongue in her mouth. “I never wanted to see him again,” she says.

Moore seemed to come on strong. Becky Gray also told the Washington Post yesterday that Moore was “persistent in a way that made her uncomfortable.”

She says he lingered in her section, or else by the bathroom area, and that she became so disturbed that she complained to the Pizitz manager, Maynard von Spiegelfeld. Gray says he told her that it was “not the first time he had a complaint about him hanging out at the mall.” Von Spiegelfeld has since died, according to a relative.

Pizitz seems to have been a favorite hunting ground for Moore. Another former employee, Gloria Thacker Deason, told the Post last week that the avowed teetotaler served her Mateus Rosé wine when she was below the legal drinking age.

Finally, Kelly Harrison Thorp told yesterday that she was 17 and working at Red Lobster when Roy Moore asked her for a date.

“I just kind of said, ‘Do you know how old I am?'” she recalled.

“And he said, ‘Yeah. I go out with girls your age all the time.'”

“All the time” is the exact opposite of “not generally,” which was Moore’s response to Hannity’s direct question about whether he dated teenage girls when he was in his thirties. So far, no one has identified any woman over the age of 18 that Moore approached between 1977 and 1982. And we are also aware of only two cases in which Moore actually asked a parent’s permission to date their daughter, either.

“I’d say, ‘You’re too old for her . . . let’s not rob the cradle,’” Wendy Miller’s mother Martha Brackett recalled to the Post last week. Just one woman to come forward, Debbie Wesson Gibson, says that her mother was enthusiastic about Moore’s advances. Both of them were included in the Post story last week.

Moore did not ask anyone before allegedly luring 14 year-old Leigh Corfman out of her house and away to a mobile home to molest her. Nor did he get permission before his alleged sexual assault on waitress Beverly Young Nelson.

Indeed, Moore has circumvented at least as many parents as he has asked. With Gina Richardson, who is the only woman to come forward who was an adult at the time, Moore actually waited until her mother’s back was turned.

How many girls and women has Roy Moore dated, molested, stalked, or assaulted? And how do those numbers compare? The good people of Alabama deserve to know the answers before they are asked to vote for him.

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