Roy Moore Spokeswoman: Hey, There’s ‘A Group’ Of Girls He Didn’t Molest (VIDEO)


A campaign spokeswoman for Alabama Senate candidate and alleged child-diddler Roy Moore was interviewed by CNN’s Poppy Harlow and the conversation got really weird. “We need to make it clear that there’s a group of non-accusers, that have not accused the judge of any sexual misconduct or anything illegal,” Jane Porter told Harlow. The Moore campaign wants everyone to know that there are thousands of women that the Alabama Senate candidate has no molested.

Harlow asked if Porter believes Roy Moore accuser Leigh Corfman. “I don’t believe her at all,” she said while citing the Washington Post as one of the reasons because reporters were doing their jobs by investigation the allegations.

At one point, Porter congratulated Harlow on her “unborn child” and said that’s why she is working with the campaign because the alleged child molester will “stand up for the rights of babies like yours.”


You gotta love those ‘pro-life’ conservatives who are against women’s choices so much that they would elect a child molester to the Senate in the deep-red state.

You can watch the full crazy-time interview below:

Roy Moore has taken a slight lead over Democratic candidate Doug Jones, the latter of which prosecuted Ku Klux Klan members who murdered four African American girls in Birmingham.

Roy Moore swore an oath on the Bible to uphold the Constitution. He was twice-removed from the bench for failing to keep that promise.

But what’s really important to Jane Porter is that Roy Moore didn’t molest all of the women in the state so everything is fine.

By the way, Jeffrey Dahmer did not kill, dismember and devour all of the people in Milwaukee.

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