Roy Moore’s Pedophilia Apologist Jim Zeigler Has A Challenger In 2018


Now that Alabama state auditor Jim Zeigler earned nationwide attention yesterday by defending US Senate candidate Roy Moore from accusations of molesting underage girls with a dubious biblical analogy, it’s worth knowing that he has a challenger for his office in 2018.

Reacting to the Washington Post‘s revelation that fellow culture war zealot Moore courted girls from 14 to 18 years old when he was in his thirties, Zeigler opined that “There is nothing to see here” because “Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter. They became parents of Jesus.” Which is a weird thing to say, since the whole point of Christian doctrine is that the biblical Joseph didn’t try to have sexual contact with Mary.

While the office of state auditor may not sound exciting, it does come with important responsibilities.

For example, the auditor appoints one of the voting registrars in each Alabama county. “The appointment shouldn’t be politically based,” Joseph explains. In a recent YouTube video, she says that the criteria for those appointments should be a “proper, equal, and fair voting process for all of the people of Alabama” — important words in our current era of partisan voter suppression.

The auditor is also a vital check on fraud, waste, and abuse of taxpayer resources, which is important for a cash-strapped state government like Alabama’s.

In an exclusive interview with Deep State Nation, Joseph points out that Zeigler has fallen short on this aspect of the job.

If you look at the auditor’s report it shows that 288 items were either destroyed, lost, or stolen totaling $636,016.80. I don’t know what has been done about the lost and stolen items. I want to be the next auditor to ensure we get answers and hopefully save tax payer dollars.

The report states that stolen items include Apple iPad, a microwave, laptops, computers, a pistol … tablet, portable radio, flat screen monitors, shotgun, to name a few.

“Zeigler put the report out on the auditor’s website and it doesn’t state what happened to the items or if they were ever recovered,” Joseph says.

That really shouldn’t surprise anyone. Zeigler was an elder care attorney and perennial also-ran candidate who finally won an open office by riding the Republican wave.

On the other hand, Miranda Joseph is truly passionate about the job of state auditor — and she has seven years of experience as a Certified Internal Auditor.

Joseph has already run for the office twice in 2010 and 2014. Now she hopes that the third time really will be the charm, but she’s not leaving it up to fate.

Instead, Joseph is trying to organize a statewide effort to get out the vote next November. On her website, Joseph asks her supporters “to reach out to your friends, family, and neighbors to help the campaign gather more strength.”

I need your help to reach out to those who are not normally involved in campaigns or have been turned off by them altogether. Tell them who we are and what we are about. Let them know we understand their feelings and seek to be the difference they have longed to see in Montgomery. I need you to reach out to those who are not aware of who we are and what we are trying to do. Invite them to our website and ask them to volunteer.

Now that Jim Zeigler has shoved his foot in his blaspheming mouth, perhaps there will be a groundswell of support to elect a qualified alternative as state auditor.

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