Rubio: Obama Pitted ‘People Against Each Other’ By Speaking At A Mosque (VIDEO)


President Obama speaking at a mosque made right wing heads explode even though, after the angry response from the 9/11 attacks, George W. Bush did the same thing. “You’re right where you belong. You’re part of America too,” Obama said.

To Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Obama somehow created division with his unifying words.

On Wednesday, Rubio criticized President Obama’s speech at the mosque, citing it as an example of Obama’s tendency to pit Americans “against each other,” Talking Points Memo reports.

President Obama, in his first visit to a mosque in the United States on Wednesday said he was seeking to rebut “inexcusable political rhetoric against Muslim-Americans” from Republican presidential candidates.

Trump, not Obama, called for banning an entire religion from entering the United States. Trump, not Obama, said he “would certainly implement” a database system tracking Muslims in the United States.

Since Trump’s heated rhetoric toward Muslims, Mexicans, women and blacks, white supremacist sites have seen a surge in traffic. But to Rubio, it’s Obama creating division, even though hate crimes against Muslims have increased since the GOP front-runner’s remarks.

Instead, Rubio tore into Obama during a campaign stop in New Hampshire.


“I’m tired of being divided against each other for political reasons like this president’s done,” Rubio said. “Always pitting people against each other. Always! Look at today: He gave a speech at a mosque. Oh, you know, basically implying that America is discriminating against Muslims.”

“Of course there’s discrimination in America, of every kind. But the bigger issue is radical Islam. And by the way, radical Islam poses a threat to Muslims themselves,” Rubio continued. “They argue that. They’ll tell you that. But again, it’s this constant pitting people against each other that — I can’t stand that. It’s hurting our country badly.”

Obama said, “We are one American family. We will rise and fall together,” and that was apparently too much for Conservatives to handle.

That’s not pitting Americans against each other. That is called uniting them. What a shame Rubio doesn’t have a set of balls in order to call Trump out for his divisive remarks, instead of campaigning against Obama.

Trump responded to Obama’s visit to a mosque like a 13-year-old, stating that the President must ‘feel comfortable’ in a Muslim place of worship. Imagine, how fearful and paranoid a ‘man’ must be to not feel comfortable in a house of worship.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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