Rudy Giuliani Plugs His Book While Defending Trump’s Louisiana Visit


Rudy Giuliani tried to defend Donald Trump’s visit to Louisiana. The Governor wasn’t informed that Trump was going and has asked President Obama to wait a few weeks before visiting. But Donald went anyway, spending 49 seconds handing out items such as Play-Doh to the flood victims for the photo-op.

Donald’s campaign released a statement from Giuliani in defense of his visit and of course, the former New York City mayor just had to mention his book.

“It is the defining principle of leadership to show up at the scene of a disaster in order to assess damage first hand. It is true leadership to go to an embattled area to rally the American people and provide aid and assistance to those suffering from the disaster,” Giuliani said. “These are all points that I explain in great detail in my best-selling book, Leadership, and have lectured on all over the world.”

Shorter Giuliani: Please buy my book!

Gov. Bel Edwards (D) wasn’t too keen on Donald visiting.

“Donald Trump hasn’t called the governor to inform him of his visit,” a spokesman in the governor’s office said Thursday before his visit. “We welcome him to LA but not for a photo-op. Instead we hope he’ll consider volunteering or making a sizable donation to the LA Flood Relief Fund to help the victims of the storm.”

Gov. Edwards didn’t want to pull badly needed resources from flood victims to use for a presidential visit, but nevertheless, Giuliani bashed President Obama.

“Today, Donald Trump acted more Presidential than the President himself, by immediately going to Louisiana while President Obama chose to continue playing golf and Hillary Clinton phoned in her views,” Giuliani said.

We suspect the Governor is far too busy dealing with the mass evacuation to handle photo-ops. Hillary Clinton has not visited the area because she said it would be a distraction to flood relief efforts.

Featured image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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