Russian TV Host Savages Trump: ‘Why Did We Elect Such A President?’


Julia Davis, an investigative reporter who specializes in Russian media, regularly follows that country’s state TV programs. She looks especially for mentions of their opinions of the United States, as well as plans or viewpoints regarding relations between our two nations.

Today’s tweets from Julia recap a popular daytime Russian news show in English:

As you can see, even the public in Russia is now at the point where they are sick of Donald Trump. They are even making jokes about their own country having played a part in his election here in the United States.

The male host later mocked Trump as a “political infant, being severely swaddled,” while the female host added “and placed in a geopolitical coffin.”

The exchange just serves to highlight the growing chasm between Donald Trump and anyone who has supported him in the past. Russian State Television was especially kind to Mr. Trump in the run-up to the election, and praised his relationship with Vladimir Putin.

Since the election, that relationship has steadily cooled, with Trump under the constant pressure of investigation and Putin regarded here in the United States as a villain by most. After Trump reluctantly signed a new round of sanctions against Russia as punishment for Putin’s election meddling, the Russian president swiftly retaliated, closing American embassies and renouncing his billionaire BFF.

We’ll see how quickly Trump and Putin turn on one another when Robert Mueller is finished with his investigation into just how Russia’s interference in American politics went down.

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    I’m happy to see things are back to the way they used to be~!
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  2. Trumpee’s essential appeal is based on racism. He launched his campaign talking about Mexican “rapists,” and subsequently stirred up xenophobia against many other groups, especially Muslims. His racist pitch succeeded because the Republican Party is overwhelmingly white and has relied heavily on dog-whistle appeals to racism since the early 1960s.

    The righties know what he’s selling and they like it.

  3. Why did Russians install this raging moron? Probably because they didn’t have quite as much blackmail and debt to lord over Ted Cruz. If Mueller doesn’t send Prez Manbaby to prison I expect Russia will send him to Siberia. Vlad eats guys like Drumpf for breakfast.

  4. They used to call Reagan “The Teflon President” because everything just rolled off him, tRump should be called “The Asbestos President” because no matter how much heat he is subjected to, he just keeps going.

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