SC Republican Candidate Sheri Few Wants Slave Memorial Removed From Capitol


South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District.

It’s not a particularly big place. In it you’ll find the city of Sumter, named for the Revolutionary War hero whose name later adorned the fort that saw the first shots of the Civil War. That of course means there is a lot of Confederate imagery in the 5th C.D. One brave woman wants to make sure it stays right where it is. That defender of old-school southern values is Sheri Few, a Republican running for the seat in a special election:

The special election is taking place because the former officeholder, Mick Mulvaney, was tapped by Donald Trump to head the Office of Management and Budget. Mulvaney, swept into office with the Tea Party in 2010, was the first Republican in the seat in 128 years. That’s waaaay back before the racist southern Democrats became Dixiecrats, then Republicans, and vice versa.

It takes a strong commitment to entrenched racism to film a campaign commercial with the Confederate Flag in it. Sheri Few has that steely heart. In her first spot, she stands ready to defend the waving Stars and Stripes behind her with a semi-automatic rifle. She decries the “panic” of conservative legislators who buckle to the demands of “PC” culture. It’s her second campaign commercial though, seen below, that really drives her point home. The entirety of her platform seems to be preventing the removal of the Stars and Bars and its accompanying memorials to Confederate “heroes.”

“Why hasn’t anyone called for the removal of that?”

Few’s plan, should the weak-kneed Republicans in South Carolina continue dismantling the racist past, is to fight back. When Dylann Roof shot up an historically black church in Charleston in June of 2015, the SC legislature quickly voted to take down the symbol of the Confederacy from the State House building. Now Sheri Few is concerned that they will move on to other monuments. If they do, she wants to take down one memorializing slaves in retaliation:

Image via Wikimedia Commons

In an interview with The Guardian, Few complained that the compromise which moved the Confederate flag from the State House dome to the grounds back in 2001 included the installation of the slave monument. Since the flag was removed after the church massacre, Few feels that the compromise is now lopsided, despite the fact that another Confederate monument still stands at the capitol, with no plans to remove it:

So then there’s this huge monument to African Americans that is still on the statehouse grounds. And, you know, why hasn’t anyone called for the removal of that? Because that was a part of the compromise. So that doesn’t seem fair, does it? If they insist on removing the memorial itself then, yes, it would be appropriate to remove the other one as well.

While you watch her campaign spot, I’m going to excuse myself to go throw up a little.

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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