Scaredy-Cat Trump Not Speaking At African-American Church As Campaign Suggested (VIDEO)


When Republican nominee Donald Trump goes to Detroit this weekend, we’ve been told he will attend a service at the Great Faith Ministries International church and do a one-on-one interview with the congregation’s leader, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson.

But the Detroit Free Press reports it’s not going to go down the way the Trump campaign painted it. Trump will not be speaking to the black congregation during the 11 a.m. service at all. And his Saturday interview with Bishop Jackson on the church’s Impact Network will not be open to the public or the news media.


This will be Trump’s first time speaking to African-American voters, let alone in an all-black church. And while the event has been billed as a speech to the congregation to lay out his policies that impact minorities, it won’t be just that.

“He’ll be here Saturday. He’s going to sit in service and have the experience in the black church, and then he and I will be in this office and do an interview for the Impact Network that will be aired later on,” Jackson said. “He will be talking to voters just like when he sits down with any news agency, like CNN. Every time he’s on Fox or MSNBC, he’s talking to voters.”

State Sen. Coleman Young, D-Detroit, disagrees. He said that if Trump wants to court the black vote, he should actually talk to black people.

“Don’t insult them or belittle them,” he said. “You should allow people to ask questions. But I think their concern is that you’re going to have a lot of people coming in there and having intense fellowship or protesters.”

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan said “I think Detroiters will let him know that there are a lot of people in this country being marginalized. You can’t erase it all by showing up one day and say you didn’t mean it.” Duggan said he thinks the candidate “marginalizes huge groups in this country who aren’t rich and who don’t look like him.”

The newspaper also wrote:

Jackson, who formed the Impact Network — which has a reach of 50 million homes, according to its website — with his wife, Beverly Jackson, in 2010, said his first question to Trump will be, “Are you a Christian?” He said he also plans to ask Trump if he’s a racist, “because so many people think that’s what you are.”

“His candidacy has stirred up a lot of emotions with people saying he’s a racist, and people saying, ‘I don’t want to hear him’ and ‘How could you bring him here,’ ” he said. “He’s coming to be interviewed. This is not a Trump rally. This is an opportunity for a dialogue.”

The church and the Impact Network have hosted a variety of influential political guests, but most have been Democrats. Jackson said he has been voting for Democrats all of his life, but feels that if a candidate is going to talk about the African-American community, he or she should walk the walk.

Trump’s message “has not connected. … He needs to come to African-American communities,” he said. “You can’t talk to African-Americans in white venues.”

Trump’s approval rating with African-Americans is the lowest in political campaign history — a whopping 1%.

Until he meets with the bishop in Detroit, the Scaredy Cat-in-Chief will not have set one toe in an all-black community. As reported earlier Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski explained it this way: The last time Brave Donald tried to give a speech in an African-American neighborhood it was “overrun” and “not a safe environment.”


Ironically, Trump’s Detroit visit comes on the heels of his pleading with blacks to “Vote Trump!” by saying “What in the hell do you have to lose?” Everything, Donald, they have everything to lose. Not that you would understand, but the entire US population of African-Americans doesn’t really like to be referred to as nothing but poor, jobless and uneducated.

Detroit Free Press also noted that the Motor City gave 97% of its vote to Barack Obama over Sen. John McCain in 2008, and in 2012, the black vote was 98% for Obama to 2% for Mitt Romney. There were dozens of polling precincts — mostly in Detroit — where not a single vote was cast for Romney in 2012.

Black lives matter, Donald Trump. It’s shocking for you, I know.

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