Science Denier Donald Trump Takes Off His Glasses, Stares Directly At The Eclipse (IMAGES)

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It was bound to happen. Despite pleas from his aides telling him not to take off his eclipse glasses, Donald Trump removed his protective eyewear and looked directly at the sun during Monday’s solar eclipse.

Is anyone really surprised at this point? I mean, this is the guy who doesn’t believe that climate change is real despite mountains of scientific evidence that says otherwise. Why would he start listening to scientists now?

According to a Twitter post by Ted Mann of the Wall Street Journal, Trump removed his glasses during the eclipse and looked directly at the sun, even though he had repeatedly warned not to and a helpful member of his aides screamed “don’t look!”


He has never been one to listen to reason. Or scientific evidence. Or anything other than his own arrogant opinions.

The responses to Mann’s post have been hysterical, with people pointing out the flaws in not hiring scientists for his staff, and asking about the possible superstitious effects of his glance, Phil Connors-style:

Others pointed out that he probably looks angry because now even the sun is black and is stealing his spotlight.

Whatever his reasoning was, the fact is that our “President” is such a child he couldn’t even keep his f*cking glasses on for the duration of the eclipse. Congratulations, America. This is the man that is in charge of our nuclear codes.

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