Screamy Ragey Nazi Falls Right On His A** During Rant (VIDEO)


You’ll have to forgive us for taking more than a little pleasure in the misfortune of the Nazi scumbags who gathered in Charlottesville last weekend. Or to put it in the language they apparently wish we all spoke, schadenfreude. Despite their hero Donald Trump’s best efforts to praise them as “very fine people,” it turns out that they’re sniveling cowards.

First, we watched the mastermind of the white supremacist weekend getaway, Jason Kessler, whining on camera about the city wanting to move his Nazi party to another park because he had invited too many Hitlerjugend. Then the Nazis discovered nobody wanted them to get any sleep or a bite to eat anywhere near normal human beings. We even saw one wannabe nationalist tear off his costume so he didn’t get beat up. He was only there for the fun, you see.

I thought we had reached peak snowflake when Christopher Cantwell sobbed into the camera after he realized he might be going to jail. But then we saw footage of two more idiots standing outside screaming at a crowd. I realize Steve Bannon called these guys “clowns” on Wednesday, but I didn’t realize what he meant.

Bannon has a vision of a strong, virile, white American man who serves as a prototype for all humankind. Unfortunately for him, he gets morons like this:

We’re not sure if the douchebag in the hat has been drinking or what. But we know these guys aren’t just tuckered out from their active social lives. Screaming about Jews is probably the most exercise either one of these assholes has gotten since 8th grade P.E.

We could watch this video over and over again (we have), but really you just need about the first ten seconds of it. Honestly you don’t even need sound, unless you want to listen to Matthew Heimbach’s deliriously mental rant about cops not protecting his little Nazi crew.


Featured image via screen capture

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