Sean Hannity Is Yelling On Twitter In Republican Caps, Repeating The Same Message Over And Over


Fox News host Sean Hannity had an all-Republican caps meltdown on Twitter after Media Matters President Angelo Carusone‘s interview with CNN’s Brian Stelter today. Carusone launched a successful effort recently on Twitter to get companies to remove their ads from Hannity’s show in the wake of the Fox host’s remark which seemingly excused the embattled Alabama Senate candidate for perving on a 14-year-old girl when he was 32.

After Keurig pulled its ads from the show, Hannity attacked the company on Twitter, calling for a boycott. Instead, Hannity’s fans started smashing their Keurigs and tweeting videos of the bizarre event, which has the opposite effect of a boycott — but that’s what they did.

“We have statements from 30 companies that have committed that they’re not going to advertise on Sean Hannity’s program,” Carusone told the CNN host.

That sent Hannity into a meltdown, tweeting in all caps to Stelter and Carusone with the same message over and over. But first, he tweeted CNN and suddenly, he seems to be concerned about the LGBTQ community.

After that, he kept repeating this message, “RACIST, BIGOT, AND ANTI-SEMITE PRES. OF @MMFA @GOANGELO WHY DO YOU VICTIM SHAME? WHY DON’T YOU SUPPORT WOMEN OF ABUSE? @CNN @BRIANSTELTER WHY DO YOU SUPPORT THIS?” he tweeted in caps as if that makes his tweet more credible.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again. Sigh.

Stelter responded.

When Hannity speaks of a racist, homophobe who is into victim-shaming it’s almost as if he’s speaking about Donald Trump and/or Roy Moore. Weird, huh?

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