Second Amendment Gone Wrong: Man Shoots Himself While Walking Around St. Louis Grocery Store


Residents of the Gulf Coast are beginning the long and difficult process of picking up the pieces of their lives that were swept away by the destructive waters brought on by Hurricane Harvey. At the same time, Floridians and others along the Atlantic are bracing as Hurricane Irma is predicted to see Harvey’s destruction and raise it by ten.

Donnie John Trump, the son of an immigrant who married and has children by two immigrants, has crushed the “American Dream” of hundreds of thousands of immigrants with his announcement (via Jeff Sessions), that his administration will end DACA. America is still racing the reality that racism is very much alive, and the current administration is doing nothing to end it, but everything to perpetuate it.

Every day Donald Trump says/does something to further instigate conflict with North Korea. Working to diplomatically reach a resolution with the country’s leader seems to be the furthest thing from Trump’s mind.

This is indeed an extremely difficult time to be an American.

It’s at moments such as these that laughing to keep from crying is a must. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, sometimes the absolutely ignorant actions of others become the source of the fodder that provides that laughter. For example, imagine engaging in your weekend grocery shopping routine then suddenly hearing a gunshot and realizing someone has been hit.

As you imagine this scenario, also imagine that there hasn’t been a robbery and the gunshot wound was self-inflicted. That’s precisely what some shoppers at a St. Louis grocery store experienced on Sunday.

A patron at a Schnucks market was exercising his Second Amendment right to bear arms but learned lessons about gun safety the hard way when he shot himself in the leg. The man didn’t have the weapon in a holster and told police that he was trying to keep the loaded gun from falling through his pant leg, in so doing, he accidentally fired a round into his own leg.

The portion of the story that involves someone shooting himself while carrying a loaded gun with no holster in his waistband, and trying to keep it from falling out of his pants, may be a bit funny in the dark humor kind of way. However, the bigger issue of gun safety became real for other customers as debris resulting from the bullet that ricocheted injured a bystander. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt.

About the incident, Zachary Coleman, a Schnucks shopper said:

“I think you need to leave the gun in the car or not bring it at all here. I don’t want to be shopping with a guy with a gun.”

Another customer, Ann Owens, said the incident doesn’t tarnish her feelings about the store:

“It’s always really nice, and I feel comfortable. Things like that could happen anywhere now.”

The person who shot himself was taken to a local hospital and treated for non life-threatening injuries. He was also charged with one count of discharging a firearm. Ironically, there isn’t a “No Guns” sign at the store.

Schnucks declined to comment on their gun policy.

Featured Image screengrab via St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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