Second Amendmenters Rally In Texas For Open Carry And Secession


Open Carry activists gathered at the State Capitol in Texas for “Freedom Friday” in order to show support for unlicensed Open Carry with some advocating for secession from the Union.


“We are here because we are sick and tired of our leaders, the ones in the pink dome behind me ignoring the wishes of the people of Texas,” said organizer Doc Greene.

One man’s sign read that he wanted to, “seal the border.”

It was a gathering of crazy people.

According to MyFoxAustin, Greene, host of an internet show on said the rally was about more than just the second amendment but that doesn’t mean open carry wasn’t a big issue. Greene said he is pleased the governor is on board — but wishes it was constitutional carry or unlicensed open carry Abbott signs into law.

“If he signs licensed open carry and a lot of people think that’s what we’re going to get, it’s better than what we had. But it’s not going far enough,” Greene said.

MyFoxAustin reports:

The Senate version of the open carry bill is headed for the Senate floor for discussion. Democratic House Representative Garnet Coleman who is hoping to repeal the “Stand Your Ground” law is also not a fan of open carry.

“I do believe that if certain individuals start carrying weapons and it creates fear in communities, others will start carrying weapons if they feel threatened by individuals walking around with guns,” Coleman said.

Also among the speakers at Freedom Friday, Christine Weick. She’s the one that grabbed the mic at Muslim Capitol Day last month….

“Millions of immigrants have come into this country and have acclimated to the laws. They have been good enough for all these generations. Why now a race of people that come in with this religion that says that we are not good enough, we now want something else,” Weick said.

Back at ya’ Ms. Weick. While opposing one religion because she says it deems her religion as not good enough, she’s doing the same thing.

Watch courtesy of MyFoxAustin:
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On Saturday, another gun rights event at the Capitol was scheduled, the Guns Across America 3 Rally.

That group is demanding open carry, gun free zones and campus carry.

Greene says he’ll be hosting another event on Sunday as well.

Gun rights activists love to tout the quote, ‘An armed society is a polite society’ however, there’s nothing ‘polite’ about a lawless society.

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