Secret Service Called Over Man Waving Gun Screaming ‘Trump is Lucifer’


This man may know something that the rest of us don’t know. In Drums, an unincorporated community about 40 miles southwest of Scranton, Pennsylvania, the man (not pictured) was waving a gun and standing in the road in front of his home. He was comparing Donald Trump to Lucifer, neighbors who did not wish to be identified for their own safety said. Authorities notified the Secret Service.

Neighbors could only identify the man as “Joe.” At the time, Trump was holding a capacity crowd rally in nearby Wilkes-Barre. When the police responded and told the man to put the weapon down, he ignored them and went back into his home.

Township police have responded to multiple reports of the man acting erratically and holding a weapon. Neighbors said  the man had been talking about gun control, birth control, and repeatedly referred to Trump as “Lucifer.” They thought that Trump’s visit was what provoked the man to act.

They also said the man would often go into his yard and talk about “the end times” and pray the Hail Mary aloud. Neighbors have long worried about him, due to his “endless bizarre behavior,’ and they believe he has no family or friends.

One of those neighbors said she thinks Joe is a military veteran working as a chemical engineer. She also said he did not socialize except to menace her and her daughter, immediately before the gun event. He shouted curses at them. She added, he paces his property regularly while shouting military commands:

‘He has definitely been in military mode for some time.’

Police surrounded the man’s home and used a public address system. The standoff lasted about 90 minutes, and when the man came out, he seemed perplexed when officers asked him to put his hand behind his head. He asked the police:

‘Why are you here?’

Chief of Police Brian Sabatini said the man had one handgun during the incident and three others were found inside of the house, two were long guns. Police seized all of them.

In May, firefighters responded to a carbon monoxide alert and found four drums of methanol plus three bags of potassium hydroxide located in the garage. The homeowner said he was making his own biodiesel with the chemicals, to save money.

The firefighters called in a bomb squad and a hazardous materials crew, who evacuated approximately 15 residents from nearby homes. Officials determined there was no risk of explosion. Apparently, the man was not cited at that time, although, they told him to move the chemical off-site.

There were no injuries at either event. According to neighbors, the man will not be charged by township police. Sabatini did not release the man’s name, but said he had been to taken to a hospital for a mental health evaluation.

When former President Reagan dismantled the mental health system and turned people out onto the streets, he did the nation a terrible disservice.

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