Sharpen Your Kids’ Brains With These Awesome Puzzle Games


Puzzle games for kids are a great way of learning designed to test the knowledge of kids when playing with them. The games are made to be fun, interesting, and entertaining to catch kids’ attention and maintain it.

Puzzle games for kids require children to put pieces together so as to arrive at the correct solution for the puzzle. Some puzzle games can be challenging, and kids may require parental assistance to be able solve them correctly.

There are many different puzzle games for kids and they are grouped according to age. They include: crossword puzzles, word search puzzles. logic puzzles. and number puzzles. Here are the ten best puzzle games for kids.

1. Begin Again Animal Parade

This puzzle is fun, engaging, and it’s educational too. It requires kids to assemble animals. By doing this, kids learn about different animals, their names, and alphabet letters their names begin with.

2. Match it! Mathematics

This puzzle is fun to play and teaches the kids basic mathematic operations such as counting, addition, and subtraction. It uses 30 puzzle cards. There are also available sets for everything including spelling and sequencing. This puzzle promotes multiple types of learning.

3. Matney Net

With Matney Net kids can learn letters and study numbers by creating a massive puzzle at once. Kids can learn how to spell words with this puzzle.
The pieces of Matney Net are made from a thick and soft foam, and when they are assembled the net can be used as an area play net.

4. Melissa And Doug USA Map

This puzzle is easy and fun to study and play. Using this puzzle, kids can learn the geography of the United States and its state capitals.

5. Mudpuppy Construction

It’s made of jumbo-sized pieces making it easy for small fingers to move and this improves the motor skills of the kid playing the game.

6. Sain Smart Jr. Head Up

This puzzle allows for multiple configurations, and they can be all correct if the kid makes all of the pieces fit within the wooden frame. The puzzle improves the spatial reasoning of the child.

7. Be Puzzled 3D Deluxe T-Rex

Made of 49 interlocking, crystalline pieces, it’s enjoyable to work on and exquisite to display. This puzzle can catch the attention of any budding paleontologists.

8. Frozen 4-pack

It’s based on one of the most popular Disney cartoons. It comes as a set of four puzzles and each puzzle has 60 pieces. Kids love this puzzle since it shows some of the classic scenes from the cartoon.

9. Glow In The Dark Space

This puzzle looks like two puzzles in one. When its lights are on, it’s colorful and has an artistic representation of all the planets in the solar system. When it’s dark, the planets glow a different color that is bright ethereal yellow when put against a dark sky.

Glow in the dark space reinforces object recognition in children.

10. Ravensburger Pirate Battle

It’s made of 100 pieces, and it’s challenging but not frustrating. Once it’s done, it can serve as a unique decoration in the kid’s room. It helps a child develop concentration and creativity as they put together pieces of various shapes and sizes. The puzzle is also very engaging.

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