Sheriff Joe Arpaio Holds Twitter Fundraiser After Trump Pardon


Saying that he is “humbled and incredibly grateful” to accept a presidential pardon, white nationalist sheriff Joe Arpaio suggested that people who hate immigrants as much as he does should help defray his legal expenses.

As a matter of law, in accepting the pardon Arpaio has admitted he is guilty of contempt of a federal court’s order that he stop arresting random people, including American citizens, on the mere suspicion they were undocumented foreigners.

In hinting that he would pardon Arpaio, white nationalist president Donald Trump told a rally crowd in Phoenix earlier this week that Arpaio was “just doing his job” by detaining Americans without evidence of a crime.

Arpaio made the fundraising appeal right after tweeting his acceptance of the pardon using the president’s hashtag.

Because right wing politics are mostly a scam on any given day, the white nationalists who adore Sheriff Arpiao are sure to turn out their pockets on his behalf. But while Arpaio will probably find plenty of support, the taxpayers of Maricopa County are still on the hook for $70 million in costs associated with Arpaio’s case.

And that’s just a fraction of what Arpaio has cost his community.

Arpaio became known as “America’s toughest sheriff” by laying ever-harsher measures on Maricopa inmates. Fox News and conservative media adored Tent City, his outdoor jail (or “concentration camp,” as he laughingly called it). They laughed when he made prisoners wear pink underwear.

They did not care that suicide rates were higher in his jail, that babies died from delayed medical attention, that guards would mistreat the disabled, that prisoners kept winning lawsuits.

Nor did Arpaio’s fame diminish when his deputies invaded a neighborhood and destroyed a home, or his department botched hundreds of sex crime cases, or when he tried to arrest journalists for writing unflattering news about him.

The shine didn’t even come off Arpaio when he framed someone in a phony assassination plot.

Arpaio has reportedly been friends with Trump for at least a few years. They shared an interest in Barack Obama’s birth certificate; Joe used taxpayer resources to “investigate” it, while Donald merely pretended to send investigators who “cannot believe what they are finding.”

“No one is above the law,” Arizona Sen. John McCain said in a statement. The president’s pardon “undermines his claim for the respect of rule of law as Mr. Arpaio has shown no remorse for his actions,” he added.

Which is true. But why should he? After all, there will always be people ready to shower him in cash for his crimes. Just like Donald Trump, they think those malfeasances of office are actually Joe Arpaio’s job.

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