Sheriff Uses Facebook To Hunt Down Driver With Anti-Trump Bumper Sticker To Press Charges (IMAGES)


A brave sheriff from Fort Bend, Texas decided to take swift action after seeing a photo of a truck with a bumper sticker which hurt his feefees. The ‘F-ck Trump’ bumper sticker prompted law enforcement to spring into action and search for the driver. Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls is having none of that icky freedom of speech stuff. Nope, not him. He’s going after this hardened criminal who has the audacity to have an opinion.

Nehls posted a photo on Facebook of the back of a white pickup truck with a bumper sticker that reads, ‘F*** Trump and F*** you for voting for him.’

Here’s the photo:








Under the photo, the Sherrif wrote:

“I have received numerous calls regarding the offensive display on this truck as it is often seen along FM 359. If you know who owns this truck or it is yours, I would like to discuss it with you. Our Prosecutor has informed us she would accept Disorderly Conduct charges regarding it, but I feel we could come to an agreement regarding a modification to it.”

Jinkies, you don’t think he’s a Trump supporter, do you?

Some commenters agreed with Sheriff Badass, but mostly, he was mocked.

















The big bad sheriff is trying hunt down a citizen of the U.S. who exercised his or her First Amendment right and legal analyst Brian Wice agrees and explained that this was a free speech issue and referred to the 1971 case of Cohen v. California. The Supreme Court “overturned a man’s conviction for the crime of disturbing the peace for wearing a jacket in the public corridors of a courthouse that displayed the phrase, ‘F*** the Draft.'”

I’m a bit confused here. Are we the ones who are supposed to be the snowflakes?

We hope you catch this hardened criminal, Sheriff, so he can sue the f-ck out of your department.

There’s a GoFundMe donation page for the woman who flipped of Trump’s motorcade and so far, over $104,000 has been raised. We’d be happy to set one up for the truck driver if the sheriff presses charges.

John Prager, a colleague, has quite a collection of the Facebook comments here on Addicting Info. The cop’s Facebook page is here if you want to say hello. Be sure to tell him that when President Barack Obama was in office, we saw far worse bumper stickers.

Guns aren’t dangerous, bumper stickers are.

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Image via Facebook.

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