Social Experiment: Female Being Raped In Public (Video)


Would a passerby stop an ongoing rape or would that person choose to just walk by? That question is answered in a social experiment that was conducted in Sweden and the results uploaded on YouTube.


NormelTV conducted the social experiment and the results are startling.

In the course of three days, only 15% reacted in order to help the “victim.”

Amazingly, 85% of those witnessing the troubling staged event kept walking and chose to ignore her cries for help from a suspicious looking parked car with a man heard ordering her to “be quiet” as she desperately banged on the windows.

The word “no” is heard from the woman repeatedly as people walked by.

As for the people who chose to help the victim, their reactions are priceless. At one point, two men literally drag the fake rapist out of the car and bring him to the ground, then try to free the ‘victim’ from the car. Before they finish beating the snot out of the fake rapist, he can be heard yelling that they were conducting a social experiment.

As disconcerting as it is to watch so many people just walk by as if it’s just another day, or as if they have somewhere more important to be, the ones who tried to rescue the woman will restore your faith in humanity.


174 people down voted the video on YouTube. 1,952 up voted it. I just found that interesting. Be sure to counter the rapey down votes here, with some awesome up votes.

H/T: A cyborg.

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