South Dakota Lawmaker Says Planned Parenthood Is Worse Than ISIS


It’s an honest mistake to confuse a terrorist group that specializes in public, televised, brutal beheadings with a health organization that provides millions of men, women and young people with affordable, high quality healthcare.  It’s a really honest mistake.  Hell, a lot of us do it all the time.

After all, ISIS stages beheading productions on national television.  Planned Parenthood provides millions of men, women and young people with high quality, affordable healthcare, and is the nation’s largest provider of sex education. ISIS abducts, assaults and sells young women for profit.  Planned Parenthood provides women with preventative health services, including tests for breast cancer and cervical cancer.

There’s virtually no daylight between the two.  Well, that’s actually wrong:  A South Dakota Republican Rep. Isaac Latterell, made the claim that Planned Parenthood is worse than ISIS, because of its habit of conducting “dismemberment abortions.”

No, we don’t know what that is either.  But maybe we should ask Isaac Latterell, a Republican member of South Dakota’s House of Representatives, who talked on his website about the “revolting methods of execution” Planned Parenthood conducts.  ISIS beheads people on live t.v.  Planned Parenthood, according to Latterell, goes one better, “beheading unborn children” during these “dismemberment abortions.”

You know, words matter, despite what Republicans think.  Facts even matter.

These terms right-wingnuts have thrown around, like “partial birth abortions” and, now, “dismemberment abortions” have no basis in modern day fact.  In fact, in South Dakota, Planned Parenthood only performs first trimester abortions.  Another thing this doofus apparently doesn’t know is that there’s a federal law, passed in 2003, banning late term or “partial birth” abortions.  In both 2006 and 2008, South Dakota voters rejected full abortion bans in the state – but that hasn’t stopped lawmakers from continuing to go on a full frontal assault against abortion.  Ginning up the war with grim images of dismembered fetuses is a good marketing strategy (one which particularly delight those with serial killer tendencies.)

This really fact-challenged South Dakota dude, Latterell, is a sponsor of a proposed law disingenuously called the “Preborn Infant Beheading Ban,” which would ban late-term “dilation and evacuation” procedures.  Doctors who perform certain abortion procedures could go to jail.  The thing is, this “dismemberment” thing – the procedure which this bill is based on – isn’t even a medical term.  It’s a term invented by anti-choice know-nothings to convince uninformed people that abortion consists of cutting fetuses up one limb at a time or shredding the tissue like confetti.  The terms being used are non-medical, misleading, factually inaccurate, and have doctors scrambling to figure out exactly what procedures they would and wouldn’t be able to perform if this Act became law.  But that’s probably the point – keep the masses revolted by fake imagery, and the doctors scared to make a move.

Only about 3% of Planned Parenthood’s activities include abortion.  100% of ISIS’ activities include brutality.

Latterell – whack job doesn’t even begin to cover it.

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