Spineless Weasel Paul Ryan Thinks Trump Accusers Are Liars Because Politics Matter More Than Women


The whole world has heard Donald Trump bragging on tape about his favorite ways to sexually assault women. We’ve also heard him talking about walking into the dressing rooms of teenage beauty pageant contestants. So, it’s not much of a stretch to suggest that such a person just might grope women here and there because he’s a disgusting pig who thinks that sort of behavior is his right, because he’s a “star.” However, that isn’t enough for House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI).

During a time when many powerful men are being held accountable for their predatory behavior, one would think that holier-than-thou Boy Scout Paul Ryan would at least attempt to be sensitive to the fact that these women have put themselves at great risk to tell their stories — even though said stories are about the most powerful man in the world — but no.

In an appearance on the Today Show with Savannah Guthrie, Ryan, who was there to talk about tax cuts, was also asked about Trump’s accusers. When Guthrie reminded him that the White House has said that Trump’s accusers are “all liars,” he basically refused to take a position, and instead focused on what he is doing in Congress. Guthrie began the exchange:

“President Trump has been accused as well. Three of those accusers recently asked for a congressional investigation. They want you, they want Congress to look into whether those accusations against the president are true.”

A visibly uncomfortable Ryan responded:

“those are criminal matters and Congress doesn’t do criminal investigations.”

Guthrie reminded him that Congress does indeed investigate ethics though — and yes that includes the ethics of the Executive Branch. Ryan again refused to answer, pointing Guthrie instead the White House:

“I would invite you to talk to the White House.”

“Let’s give this issue the respect it deserves And that’s why we’re taking this seriously and we’re doing mandatory training, we’re going to bring out a whole slew of reforms at the end of the week to show how Congress is going to get ahead of this problem and make sure that victims have rights.”

He also tried to spin it as if Guthrie was making it into “some partisan thing,” but she wasn’t having it, and pressed on:

“It should not be a partisan issue. The White House position on the president’s accusers is that they are all liars. Is that your position?”

Looking like he just wanted to get off the air at that point, Ryan said:

“Look, I don’t even know what all of these accusations are. I’m focused on fixing Congress.”

To be Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan sure seems fuzzy on a key part of his job, which is to be a check on the Executive Branch. Then again, that is something he and his colleagues in the GOP-led House have been refusing to do since Trump took office and has spiraled more and more out of control, slowly turning American into his own personal reality show that is looking more and more like an authoritarian state by the hour. So, I suppose it’s no surprise that Speaker Ryan would be just as spineless when it comes to the president’s clear penchant for sexually assaulting women, even in this watershed moment that we are having on this issue as a nation.

Watch the cringe-worthy interview below:

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