Standing While Black: NYPD Releases Video Of Cop Throwing James Blake To The Ground


Former pro tennis star James Blake was standing outside the Grand Hyatt on the evening of September 9th waiting for a car to take him to the US Open. CBS Local reports an informant had told an NYPD Theft Task Force, of which Officer James Frascatore was a part, that Blake was involved in a credit card fraud ring.














Apparently, Officer Frascatore felt it necessary to assault him in the violent manner seen in the newly released video.

Had he approached Mr. Blake in a civil manner, he might not have gotten the city in the hot water they find themselves in. Mayor de Blasio and the Chief of Police have already apologized after a swift Internal Affairs investigation has shown Frascatore to be completely unjustified in how he acted that night.

Watch, uploaded by Mashable:

Had James Blake not been famous, would the investigation have been so swift? How often does this happen to people of color in the city?

Well, it’s happened at least four other times at the hands of Officer Frascatore. He has been sued four times before for excessive force during false arrests in four years on the force, the New York Daily News reports. One man, Stefon Luckey, was pepper-sprayed by Frascatore and three other officers and later released without any charges. Luckey stated that Frascatore called him the most notorious of racial slurs during that incident and was not at all surprised to learn that he was the officer that tackled Blake.

In the ongoing race to be the most profiling-est and dumbest police force in the US, New York takes the edge on Los Angeles once again. Congrats! We are in such a sad state of affairs in this country that Mr. Blake is unlucky that he is Black, but lucky that he is famous…for that matter, alive and well.

Being an average every-day White man, I have no idea what it feels like to be James Blake after something like that happens. However, using a little empathy, I can see how Black people in particular and People of Color in general would be mistrusting of police. I can understand why Black Lives Matter is necessary. Racial injustices continue at the hands of people of the State.

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