Stephen Colbert Was Asked What Question He’d Ask Trump & His Answer Was F**KIN PRICELESS (VIDEO)


When it comes to writing about politics, speaking about politics, etc… you’re expected to behave, watch your mouth, etc. Here at FreakOutNation we don’t do the greatest job at that, but fortunately, we have more and more personalities on a higher level who just don’t give a happy fuck anymore and say it like it is.

One of those personalities, of course, is Stephen Colbert (a hero to many of us). And though it didn’t make it on-air, he said what he really thought during a pre-show question-and-answer session.

An audience member asked:

“My question is, if you had Donald Trump on your show tonight, what would you ask him?”

After pondering for a few moments, he acknowledged that they weren’t on-air, so he said what he wanted to say:

“We’re not broadcasting right now, so I’d say, ‘What does Vladimir Putin’s dick taste like?'”

Of course, the audience loved it and broke into cheers and applause. Then his band broke into song, and Colbert started dancing. And of course, we love it.

But, don’t worry yourself if you’re an uptight asshole. Colbert did acknowledge it was an inappropriate joke.

“That’s a fine joke. That’s a fine… don’t tell your grandkids that joke.”

His response comes after Trump’s shocking comments during a press conference on the Democratic National Convention and the email scandal that rocked the Democratic party earlier this week. It was revealed that top officials of the DNC showed favoritism towards candidate Hillary Clinton and indeed attempted to influence the primary election in her favor.

Trump’s comments sent shockwaves and inflamed many online after he appeared to encourage Russia to hack Clinton’s email – something many have accused him of treason for. He, of course, says he was being sarcastic. Even if he was, it wasn’t a smart move.

Here’s the clip from the hilarious question-and-answer segment; however, the word dick is bleeped out, unfortunately.

h/t: The Raw Story

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